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Frequently Asked Questions

Explain commercial fleet insurance.

Fleet cover enables you to cover all of your company’s vehicles liabilities under one policy. The fleet can include any vehicle category or a mix of different categories for example motorcars, buses, lorries, vans, SUVs and construction vehicles like tippers or dump trucks. 

What is the minimum number of vehicles to comprise a fleet?

This is a regular questions for the smaller business or growing business no one answer does exists . Some underwriters require at least 3 vehicles other require 5 and some as few as two. Regardless of the number, getting fleet cover will generally be more cost effective that taking out separate policies for each vehicle.

How can I save money when cover my business fleet?

Many ways exist to reduce your company annual policy costs. Below we have compiled a list of the top methods applicable to bringing down insurance premiums.

  • Increase the excess level which is the amount that you are responsible before before the insurance policy kicks in. If you go this route make sure you have reserved the amount of excess amount that you will be responsible for. 
  • Reduce the number of claims, this can be achieved by provided regular training to the driving crew and following regular vehicle safety checks. Some companies reward good driving by providing an annual bonus as a stimulus to ensure drivers are very careful at all times.
  • Vehicle security., providing safe and secure parking, adding insurance approved GPS vehicle locating devices and immobilisers, use a black box  or digital dash cam are a few of the easy options to implement and thus save on your annual premium costs.
  • Compare a minimum of 3 insurance brokers you can use a comparative web site like Compare Fleet Insurance who will do just that saving you valuable time.

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