Compare Business Fleet Insurance with Multiple UK  Specialists


Business Fleet Insurance - Need to Compare the Market Place ?

Business Fleet Insurance

Business fleet insurance can be costly so it always pay to research for the best deal and by comparing multiple suppliers you are taking the first step to finding a deal that meets with both your business fleet requirements and also with your business budge plan.How?  Select the Get Quote option and complete a 2 minute inquiry form and sit back as a flood of offers hit your inbox each competing for your valuable business. This is not only only for new businesses, but for owners of an existing business fleet policy that  is nearing renewal.  We can offer quotes for any driver, named drivers, drivers under 25 and over 21 years.

All that you need to know about business fleet insurance

If you are operating some vehicles as part of your business, you should seriously consider taking out a fleet insurance policy to cover them. When you have a single business fleet insurance policy for all your vehicles it helps you control and manage your vehicles better. In the recent past, you must have observed that insurance premium rates move in one direction only, namely up. Hence, getting business fleet insurance will not be cheap. However taking some basic steps should see a reduction in your annual costs to cover your business fleet.

Drivers age and ongoing Training

  • If you employ very young drivers (in the age group of 17 to 20), you should expect to pay a higher premium. This is because statistically young drivers in particular male drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident and that payout is such cases is normally higher than say drivers over 25. Thus the probability of accidents are higher  when you have  very young and inexperienced drivers at the wheel. If you wish to bring down you annual premium rate it will help to employ middle-aged drivers (in the late 30's or 40's mostly) or at the very least over 25 and provide continuous  ongoing driver training. Some brokers, but not all will offer discounts based on drivers having obtained this 6 hour practical driving certificate.

Compare Business Fleet Insurance with Multiple UK  Specialists

Pay for what you need only

  • It is important to strike the right balance from being over insured to being under insured. If you are over insured then most likely you are paying for elements of insurance that you do not need, one example would be having cover for travel into Europe which you never use. Being under insured can be foolish as when an accident does occur you will be left with claims that you may well be not able to pay or at the very least it impacts your operating capital negatively.

Keep your Bussines Fleet Secure and Safe

  • Whilst maybe not practicable the provision of secure parking should reduce insurance cover costs, however things that you are in control of can also bring down the annual business fleet insurance premium of your business. For example adding GPS tracking units and immobilises and this is important that are approved by the UK insurance sector should reduce future claims and this will then be reflected in the quotes that you receive from fleet brokers.

Build a Good No Claims History

  • If your business is continually making claims against the policy provider the result will be an increase come renewal time. If you think you can just move to another broker be advised that any potential new broker will ask for a record showing the history of claims etc made under your previous business insurance policy. Toward the goal of reducing claims consider providing continuous on going training or making it compulsory to take the government initiated practical driving test "Pass Plus"

Compare Business Fleet Insurance with Multiple UK  Specialists

Benefits of Business Insurance

  • Quick and Easier than traditional one policy one person 
  • All Claims dealy with centrally
  • In most cases fleet cover  will work as the cheapest way to cover your business fleet.
  • Lower Overall Cost
  • Tailored Policies
  • Guidance from Industry Experts
How to manage a Fleet of Business Vehicles
Sometimes the question is asked; “What exactly constitutes a fleet“ ? A business fleet generally consists of light to medium units, 10 to 50 in number. As far as industry segment goes, the largest by far is construction. These can include both residential and heavy construction contractors, electricians, plumbers HVAC technician, landscapers, and dry cleaners. This is followed by wholesale/retail trade, and personal/business services.
7 Ways to Reduce Fleet Operating Costs
The rising costs of fuel compounded by the depreciation of the British pound against the US dollar are expected to further increase fleet operating costs in the United Kingdom. It is not surprising that companies are looking for different ways to lower the costs of maintaining a fleet. If you’re a business owner concerned about this development, or you are in charge of managing your company’s fleet, you might want to follow the following tips to reduce your fleet operating costs:
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