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Commercial Fleet insurance

If you are a business of any type  that is operating a commercial fleet of 2 or more vans, finding the right motor  cover at the lowest price can be both difficult and time consuming. At Compare Fleet Insurance we understand that your time should be committed to running your business and not searching online for the cheapest quote.    

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We help by allowing you to instantly get multiple quotes for commercial fleet insurance from over 20 and growing UK specialist commercial brokers. How? Go to the Quick Quote compare button and complete one simple online inquiry form. This will then be distributed to the panel of brokers providers and underwriters. They in turn will send you an online quote direct to your inbox, sometimes within minutes of completing the quick online form. Why wait, start comparing today by simply selecting the Quick Quote button.

What can be Classed as a Commercial Truck?

Commercial trucks cover a diverse range of vehicles that can range in weight from from 7.5 tonnes up to 44 tonnes. Cement trucks, delivery trucks, front loaders, side loaders, commercial pickup trucks, livestock transporters and garbage collection trucks are a few examples of lorries that would come under the term commercial truck in the UK.

How to save on Commercial Fleet Insurance

  • Don't fall into the auto renewal trap, granted you are happy with your current insurance provider, however shopping around can give you extra savings as many brokers offer discounts to attract new business, even if you decide to stay you may have leverage to get a reduces quote come renewal time
  • In keeping with auto insurance in general, being able to show that you have taken steps to keep your commercial fleet secure. This can be achieved by providing secure overnight parking or adding gadgets that will reduce the likelihood of theft, do make sure they are approved by the UK insurance industry.

Goods Vehicle Operator's Licence for Commercial Vans

Does you or your business need a goods vehicle operator’s licence? It depends on the weight. A licence to carry goods is required if:

  • When the maximum weight that your vehicle can weigh when loaded is over 3,500 kg ( kilograms )
  • The unladen weight is greater than 1,425 kg , in the absence of plated weight. 

It is important to never overload your vans above the designed gross weight. Do not be confused the gross weight is the maximum that it can weigh when loaded also called the laden weight. Check the vehicle identification pin ( VIN)  plate for this very important information. Remember the laden weight = Vehicle + Driver ( and passengers )+ Fuel  plus the load being carried. 

Compare Commercial Fleet Insurance with UK  Specialists

Your Legal Obligations and Advise

This pamphlet released by the Drivers and Vehicles Agency offers some additional advise on running  a roadworthy and cost-effective collection of vans for your business.

The best way to begin to save money is by getting multiple quotes. Why ? It always makes sense to compare the market when either finding your first policy or when renewing your old policy. By providing your cover requirements and any specific business  requirements unique to your type of business, you can get instant access to a wide choice of tailored quotes, provided by  a select panel of UK fleet broker specialists. Get started and go compare the market by selecting instant quick above or below.

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How to manage a Fleet of Business Vehicles
Sometimes the question is asked; “What exactly constitutes a fleet“ ? A business fleet generally consists of light to medium units, 10 to 50 in number. As far as industry segment goes, the largest by far is construction. These can include both residential and heavy construction contractors, electricians, plumbers HVAC technician, landscapers, and dry cleaners. This is followed by wholesale/retail trade, and personal/business services.
7 Ways to Reduce Fleet Operating Costs
The rising costs of fuel compounded by the depreciation of the British pound against the US dollar are expected to further increase fleet operating costs in the United Kingdom. It is not surprising that companies are looking for different ways to lower the costs of maintaining a fleet. If you’re a business owner concerned about this development, or you are in charge of managing your company’s fleet, you might want to follow the following tips to reduce your fleet operating costs:
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