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More than one car in your household? Have you considered family automobile cover. Household family fleet cover will work out cheaper than insuring each vehicle individually.  Many benefits exist for opting for a fleet policy, but the biggest by far is  that you will significantly reduce the costs than if you were to go the traditional single policy per car approach.  With young drivers always difficult to insure the  multi insurance route wins as they can be more easily added into the one multi family policy.

What Vehicles Can I Include under Home Fleet Insurance?

The beauty of fleet insurance is that it is not limited to any one vehicle category. The following list whilst not comprehensive will reveal that practically no limitations exist as to the vehicles categories that can be insured under  family fleet insurance:  MPV's, Minibuses, 4x4 Jeeps, People Carriers, Crossovers , Sports and SUV's are all welcome under the one umbrella. In addition the weekend runabout such as the classic car, 4x4 fun vehicles such as a  quad bike or kit car can also be added into the family policy. 

Comparing Policy Costs Has Never Been easier

Family fleet cover is now offered by most reputable brokers and insurance underwriters, we enable you to easily view and scroll down a list of separate policies on offer and compare the premiums, the excesses, the payment methods and other decision making information to allow you to select only the policies that are attractive to you and your family members. It's that easy! 

Compare Family Fleet Insurance with 40 + UK Insurance Specialists

Benefits of Family Car Insurance

  • Quick and Easier than traditional one policy one person 
  • No fuss Claims Process
  • No claims will Remain Intact for each Family Member
  • Lower Overall Cost
  • Tailored Policies
  • Guidance from Industry Experts

Family fleet insurance policies do offer the same levels of cover offered by the traditional solo car insurance.  As such motor fleet policies can be taken out with third party cover, third party fire & theft  and  fully comprehensive cover. Fully comprehensive provides the best and highest level of cover and is recommended over third party cover. Third party family fleet insurance policies are the cheapest, but  your cover is limited  providing cover only for third parties in collisions. Why wait select the Quick Quote button to compare the market and be in for a pleasant surprise with a multitude of family fleet inusrance offers from over 20 and growing UK brokers arriving into your inbox, all competing for your valuable business. We also have a superb one time only deals on van fleet insurance with easy online booking. 

How can I Reduce my Family Fleet Policy Costs ?

One the easiest way to keep the costs of  family fleet insurance down is to make your household auto fleet as secure as possible thus reducing the likelihood of loss, theft and vandalism. The best approach is to install alarms approved by insurance providers and making sure your vehicles are securely parked, especially after dark and whilst on family holidays. Paying your premium annually by direct debit will also help bring down the cost.

Spread the Cost of  Home fleet car insurance

Flexible payment arrangements for family fleet insurance are available, for example you can pay in one go or if some family members prefer to spread the costs then it can be easily arranged. In the end each individual will choose the method that suits their financial preferences.

Compare Business Fleet Insurance with 20 + UK  Specialists

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