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Why Compare Fleet insurance

Compare Cheap Fleet Insurance is a comparison website that provides you with multiple quotes. These quotes can be for business motor fleets or smaller family or personal fleets. By completing one simple online form you will have access to multiple quotes from a panel of UK brokers. We can offer a range of fleet insurance products including taxi fleet insurance.

Motor fleet insurance

What is a Fleet Insurance Policy?

This is cover aimed at a business with 2 or more vehicles. A fleet policy lets you cover multiple vehicles - from cars, taxis,vans,minibuses or trucks or indeed a mix of vehicle types under business use.

How many vehicles count as a fleet?

Fleet insurance provides cover for all your commercial motors under one easy to manage policy. This type of cover is flexible and can be used to insure 2 or more vehicles. A mix of vehicles can be included for example, cars, vans and lorries.

How much does fleet insurance cost?

The price is determined by a number of factors, high amongst these are the number of vehicles in the fleet, fleet claims history and the driving history of employees. In addition to these the level of fleet cover required plays a major role, comprehensive cover being the most expensive.

Another important part of the underwriter calculation is based on your choice of driver policy. An any driver policy will give you the most flexibility, buy will come at a higher premium than named only drivers. Below are further bullet points on the most important factors that rae used to determine your final premium

  • Number and age of vehicles
  • Company driver policy
  • History of claims and approach to ongoing driver training
  • Excess amount, taking more responsibility on this can really bring down your ovreall costs, some companies give a bonus to emploees that do not make need to make claims.
  • Company approach to improved fleet security and addition of tracking devices to reduce the likelihood of vehicle theft

What is usage based fleet insurance?

Zego is a current example of a provider that offers user fleet usage policies. The idea is that you pay a base fixed rate and a variable amount on top that is based on usage. So if your fleet sits in the car park most of the day you will pay a lower premium that if your fleet is mostly out on the road.

What types of businesses are covered by Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance as a product is designed to cover any business type that relies on 2 or more vehicles to conduct their business. Examples would include, but not limited to, business, courier and taxi fleets.

Levels of cover available


Also termed "fully comp" this is the highest level of cover and includes the following:

Third Party Fire & Theft

  • Damage to a third party vehicles and property
  • Liability for injuries to passengers and others

Third Party Only

Third party is the legal minimum with fire and theft being an added optional. This may be a cost effective approach for large commercial fleets that can make it cost effective to partly self insure. This level of cover is less expensive, but that is reflected in the level of cover provided. 

Typical exclusions in a fleet policy

Be aware that most policies will have conditions that will exclude you making claims. These may include:

  • Vehicle theft due  to your negligence.
  • Damage to tyres or body underside.
  • Mechanical breakdown.

Reducing car fleet insurance costs

The cost of your motor fleet insurance will depend on a number of factors. One determining factor which unfortunately you have no control over is your business postcode. Inner city post codes attract a higher premium as statistically the number of claims for theft and accidents are higher in these areas. For some of these you can take steps to reduce the overall cost, these are highlighted in the table below.

  • Always advise your broker immediately of any accident
  • Reduce the number of claims that you make 
  • Select vehicles that attract lower premiums
  • Select drivers over 25 with a clean driving history
  • Secure your vehicles overnight
  • Add tracking devices
  • Increase the excess premium
  • Keep your Vehicles maintained

Remove unnecessary extras

Always check what is included in your car fleet insurance policy. Remove any cover that your business does not need. At the same time you need to be careful that you don't omit cover that is required. 

Pay annually rather than monthly installments

In most cases it will be slightly cheaper to pay for your premium in one lump sum. Paying in weekly or monthly payments will normally work out more expensive.

Monitor your claims history

This is kept by your broker and is a record of all claims made by your company against your business fleet insurance policy. Request a copy from your broker and analyse for trends. Example a particular type of accident or multiple claims by one driver. Take action by providing your employees with additional training. 

Secure your Vehicles

Can you improve security by providing overnight secured parking. If not secure parking can you add additional lighting to deter theft. Speak with your broker on other measures that they recommend to reduce vehicle theft or damage by vandalism.

Restrict you fleet to named drivers

If  you can restrict your policy to named drivers this will reduce your premium. Any driver fleet policy is great for flexibility, but does come with additional costs. Drivers are an important factor in determining your premium costs, if possible also consider the following:

  • Drivers age : your drivers, particularly under 25 are seen as high risk and will increase your premium, If possible drivers should be aged 25 or over.
  • Drivers driving history : drivers with a history of claims will increase your premium.

Compare fleet policies

In order to make fair comparisons it is important to identify which core elements that you wish to be standard in your policy. Next look at any additional types of cover that you wish to have included, for example business breakdown cover. Taking this approach will help ensure that your quotes include only the items that you need. It should also make it easier for you to compare the offers that you receive. We have listed the key areas of comparison below:

  • The fleet excess amount
  • Any driver age restrictions
  • Policy flexibility, by this we mean can you easily make changes once your policy goes live. This can be very useful for a new or growing business.
  • How you will benefit at renewal time if you can keep your policy claims low 
  • Will a replacement vehicle be provided if needed. Is breakdown and European cover included?

Compare Fleet insurance quotes

We understand that a standard policy may need to be altered to meet your specific needs. As such we allow you to tailor your policy to include only what you need and exclude items that are unnecessary. CompareFleetInsurance works in partnership with QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. These brokers will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with quotes on your motor fleet cover.

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