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June 26, 2018

What is SORN

Old Car

How  SORN can save you money

If you manage a motor fleet you will no doubt know what SORN is and how it can be used to the benefit of your company. In a nutshell applying for SORN will enable you to stop paying tax and insurance for a fleet vehicle that will no longer be driven on the public roads in the UK. 

For those of you that have an off-road only vehicle you need to know what SORN is and how it will affect your pocketbook. Understanding this legal technicality about owning a vehicle that will not be used on a public road begins with what the acronym stands for or Statutory Off Road Notification.

What can I declare as SORN?

Examples of vehicles that will fall under this category of motorized vehicles include land transportation that will only be used on private land of the owner of the vehicle. It will also include off road vehicle that will be transported to locations off of public roads for use as entertainment or amusement by the owner of the vehicle.

Other vehicles that can be classified as SORN include this collectible and scrap vehicles stored in garages.

  • Vehicles that are not taxed or insured are considered SORN.
  • If the owner of a vehicle plans to part it out and sell it in pieces it can be listed as SORN. This can be an older vehicle that no longer operates or one that has been involved in a motor vehicle accident and is no longer road worthy.

What if I don't apply for SORN

As a legal point, if a SORN is not declared or the official paperwork is not completed, an owner of a vehicle can be fined up to £80 for owning a vehicle and not paying taxes on it.

How to get a vehicle listed as SORN

If you vehicle is not road worthy, not taxed and uninsured it must be declared SORN as soon as possible. If this is not done you may well be fined. 

  • To have a vehicle listed as SORN, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA of the UK has to be officially notified by registry that a vehicle is now declared SORN.
  • If the owner of a vehicle plans to part it out and sell it in pieces it can be listed as SORN. This can be an older vehicle that no longer operates or one that has been involved in a motor vehicle accident and is no longer road worthy.
  • When the owner of a vehicle decides to deport the vehicle like selling a vehicle to a new owner in a different country it is also considered SORN.
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    Once the paperwork is complete with the DVLA, the SORN will take effect on the first day of the next month.

Recent change to SORN

A recent change to the SORN system is that once a vehicle is listed as a SORN, it will remain there indefinitely. In the past each vehicle had to be relisted every 12 months. That requirement has been removed.

For the car restoring enthusiasts, once their vehicle is close to or is ready for use on public road, insurance and taxes must be paid before the vehicle can be tested on a public road in the UK. If this is not done, then the owner and driver of the vehicle can be fined for operating an illegal vehicle on public roads.

Article contributed by Eamonn Turley

June 3, 2018

Keep your vans operational with regular checks

Van Maintenance

Simple routine vehicle checks 

Keeping you multi car fleet maintained will reduce  preventative incidents, leading to less time that your fleet vehicles spend in the local garage. The following routine checks will not take more than 30 mins and can be carried out by the driver, initial training is advised to ensure all drivers understand how to carry out these checks and also the importance of these checks.


Tires take the most wear and tear and connect your van to the road. Start by checking:

  • Thread depth, at least 1.66 mm.
  • Tire Condition look for uneven wear and tear or bumps.

  • Correct pressure, this is critical for safe and economical driving. ( should be checked at least once per month )

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    If you use snow tires remember to change during summer, this will also save you on fuel charges.

Oil keeps everything  working

Oil is paramount in the smooth running of any engine, failure to change oil as required including the oil filter will lead to damage to the moving parts of you engines. The damage caused can be very expensive to fix and in some extreme cases require an expensive retooling or replacement. 

Hoses and Belts

With the latest advances belts play less of a roll indeed if any role in the modern engine, however some manufactures still rely on timing belts. Belts do wear out and failure to replace in time as per the manufacturer's instructions can result in a hefty bill to sort your engine block out.


The key here is to replace your battery  before you are let down badly by a car that fails to start. Any quick fit operation can quickly run a check and provide you with a print out, showing you how well your battery is functioning. The test will check your batteries's ability to self charge and start your car, with an overall score which will indicate either good or time to replace.  

Taking preventative steps will pay dividends down the road

Following the checks outlined above will reduce roadside breakdowns and reduce the number of hours that your valuable fleet of cars or vans are sitting in a garage.

Article contributed by Eamonn Turley