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September 26, 2018

A review of TomTom Telematics Webfleet SaaS solution

SaaS Tom Tom Fleet Management

With the advent of cloud computing your company no longer needs to invest in costly computer hardware and the associated costs of providing an air con room and technical staff. Take the advise of Compare Fleet Insurance and simply search for fleet management and SaaS.

What is SaaS

SaaS is an acronym for software as a service. Which means you no longer buy and host the software, but take advantage of cloud computing and remotely login to the service and let the hosting company take care of software updates and uptime etc.  

So, if you wish to save your company money without a big upfront investment check what services are available under the SaaS model within the fleet management arena.

Costs reduced by a whopping GBP30,000 per annum 

One such provider of fleet management as a cloud service has helped shave off GBP30,000 in fleet costs for Zip Water UK.

Interested? The product from TomTom is named webfleet and incorporates the OptiDrive 360 solution. One big plus of OptiDrive is that it is able to provide real time feedback to drivers on ways to improve rheir driving and thus reduce their likelihood of being in an accident. 

The benefits have been witnessed by Zip Water UK, see that statement from their fleet manager below. Zip Water run a 120 strong mixed fleet comprising of multiple cars and vans.

".. we have seen a demonstrable improvement in fleet mpg, along with a sizeable reduction in our vehicle maintenance bills, including tyres and brake wear"

Graham Short, fleet manager

Zip Water UK

Another selling point should it be needed is an end to the time consuming manual completion of driver log sheets.  Instead use an app feature that lets you complete this with the assistance of your mobile device. This greatly reduces both paperwork and the time needed at the end of the work day.

September 1, 2018

Majority of large UK fleets now adopting telematics

telematic device

Is your company using technology to reduce fleet insurance and related costs?  Research carried out by UK company Arval shows that more and more fleet companies are employing the help of telematic data to reduce fleet costs. The data collected enables fleet managers to make smart decisions based on information provided by these recording devices.

A major survey of UK fleet managers carried out by Arval  found the key reasons for introducing fleet telematics were as follows: “improving driver safety’ (87%), ‘improving driver behaviour’ (875%), ‘reducing fleet costs’ (75%) and ‘optimising journeys’ (70%)”

The attraction of telematics is that the collection of big data can be used to improve not only drivers behaviour, but can also be used to help optimise route planning. 

Why the big uptake? Apart from the above the cost barrier has fallen significantly making it easier to recover costs over a shorter period of time. In addition the strides being made in machine learning enables the data to be used predictivaley. For example predict driver the types of driver behaviour that is likely to lead to accidents.

The data collected can be used to intelligently plan optimal routes thus costs associated with time on the road.

Big data is analysed to provide information on ways to reduce fleet accidents thereby increasing driver safety. This information can then be used to pinpoint specific areas of weakness at individual driver level. This is achieved to some extent by the intelligent analysis of data provided by the telematic device(s) and with the help of machine learning algorithms enables ongoing improvement in these and other key areas of keeping fleet costs down.

This is achieved to some extent by the intelligent analysis of data provided by the telematic device(s) and with the help of machine learning algorithms which enables ongoing improvement in these and other key areas that result in lower costs.