May 8, 2019

Admiral Multicar Cover Review

admiral multi car home insurance

Admiral multi mar insurance is being reviewed to help show who is eligible for this type of policy and what possible discounts are available for having multiple cars insured by Admiral.  This UK based insurance company has been issuing policies since 1993. In 2005 they deployed their multi car insurance policy for use by the public.

For the past 6 years Admiral multi cover has been rated as the best car insurance provider by ‘The Personal Finance Awards’.

Admiral is one of many competing brokers in this arena. Do some diligent ground work and checked all offers  on the market from Direct Line Multi Car, TESCO , Liverpool Victoria and AVIVA multicar.

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Why Admiral Launched Multi Car Cover Insurance​

  • The reason multi car insurance is offered by Admiral is to help a household place all of their registered vehicles under one policy. 
  • Once one vehicle is protected by Admiral cover, each additional vehicle that is covered will be at a discounted premium price.
  • By having all the vehicles in your family with Admiral you only have one insurance company to deal with when it comes to renewals and claims.

​How do you qualify for Admiral Multi Car Insurance?

To qualify for an Admiral multi car cover policy a household must have more than one registered vehicle at the same address. With one vehicle covered by Admiral car insurance, each additional vehicle added to the policy will incur a discount on the premium.

All vehicles under the Admiral multi car Insurance policy must be registered to the same address.

​What do I need to provide to receive an accurate quote from Admiral?

Vehicle information

  • The registration of each vehicle.
  • The current insurance renewal date of each vehicle.

Driver Information

  • Name and birth date of the primary driver of the new vehicle.
  • Any claims and driving convictions of each primary driver of the new policy.

​Is Admiral Multi Car Insurance one or many policies?

The Admiral multi car insurance coverage is both one policy and multiple policies. All of the vehicles with insurance policies are under the multi car policy umbrella, but each vehicle has its own individual insurance policy. The premiums of each policy is variable due to the driver or drivers listed in the policy and their driving record along with their age.

Each vehicle will have it own No Claims Discount which is separate from the other vehicles in the multi car policy.

In Summary

The Admiral multi cover is a path to receiving a discount on several different insurance policies for your household vehicles. With each vehicle having its own policy, a claim made on one policy that will not affect the other policies in terms of premium costs.

This information is being provided free to the public by an independent writer. We do not endorse or dissuade the use of this insurance provider and have not been compensated by Admiral Insurance in any manner.

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Eamonn Turley

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