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Any Driver Fleet Insurance Get Online Quotes in Minutes

If you need any driver fleet insurance start by comparing the current options available on the insurance marketplace. We can help with this task by sharing your any driver insurance requirements with multiple UK brokers and underwriters. The results or quotes will be compiled in an easy readable and comparable forma, letting see and choose and insurance provider easily.  Some brokers will also provide any age fleet insurance, but normally with conditions. For example a business with 8 vehicles in  the fleet are allowed one driver under 25 or over 18. More young driver can be added as fleet size grows.

Compare Online in Minutes - With Quotes to your Inbox within Minutes

Fleet insurance is in essence, buying your insurance in bulk from a single supplier. In return, you are usually rewarded a discount. Fleet insurance can be used to cover fleets both large and small. You are able to insure anywhere from three vehicles upwards on a single Fleet Insurance policy.

When shopping for Fleet Insurance, in addition to ‘any vehicle’ cover, which you may have guessed covers any vehicle, consider an any driver fleet insurance policy as opposed to a named drivers. This type of policy will allow each of the vehicles that you have in your fleet to be driven by any driver at any time.

What is Any Driver Fleet Insurance ? Does it cover drivers over 21?

any driver fleet insurance

This type of cover is in high demand as it enables any driver to drive any vehicle in your fleet. Whilst the flexibility is great you will pay extra for this, but you may well deem this to be worthwhile in terms of running your business to it's maximum potential.

This type of cover provides the ultimate flexibility when it comes to managing your fleet. While it is true that many insurance providers only want to insure drivers over the age of 25, a true any driver insurance policy will provide cover for all, regardless of age.

Why choose this type of cover? For example you may wish to insure an individual for a specific period of time, for example, a busy weekend. In such a situation you need to contact your broker and apply for permission to add an additional driver and apply any additional costs, with any age driver this would not be necessary.

It’s easy to see the time needed and the extra hassle, not to mention the additional money you will need to add drivers to a standard policy can easily get out of hand. Carrying an any age driver fleet policy can truly be of benefit to you. Having this type of cover ensures not only the flexibility, but piece-of-mind as well should you need to hire drivers on short, or possibly no notice at all.

There inevitably will be times when one of your drivers is unable to work due to illness, having any driver fleet insurance in place would then allow you to add let a assign a new driver quickly and easily.

Why any driver insurance is a popular choice 

Owning a business with more than one vehicle it will become your legal duty to ensure that  all your company vehicles and drivers are insured. As the fleet grows this can become a time consuming task. 

Step in fleet insurance, this product enables all business vehicles to be covered under one policy and in addition you can choose to let temporary or new employees drive these vehicles if you choose the any driver option. Yes it is more expensive, but for some companies the additional flexibility outweighs the extra costs.

Another big plus of this type of policy is the ability to arrange one annual renewal payment date, reducing any previous overheads associated with keeping on top of separate policies and different renew dates and maybe different insurance brokers.

Why it's wise to use a broker as you search for any driver fleet insurance

No doubt you are going to want to obtain the very best policy appropriate for you and your business needs. Due to the many intricacies that can be involved when purchasing this type of insurance, it is usually best to use an insurance broker that deals exclusively in any driver fleet insurance in order to not only streamline the process, but also to help you obtain the very best policy that will suit your exact needs.

Any driver fleet policies are by their design more efficient and much easier to manage than numerous different insurance policies for each individual vehicle. Fortunately, there are specialist insurance brokers that can help you limit the burden of having multiple policies and provide you with just one renewal and payment date to administer.

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