May 4, 2019

AXA Multicar Insurance Review

axa multicar insurance reviewed

In this AXA Multicar Insurance Review we will explore the possible discounts you can enjoy when insuring more than one vehicle with AXA and the advantages of using this financial services giant as your insurance company.

The name AXA Insurance has only been around since 1985, but the parent company has gone by many names in the past 300 years. The policies issued by AXA in the UK are underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc and the company headquarters is in Paris, France.

AXA fleet insurance is not the only player in the field if family multi car insurance. Delay any decision of until you have completed the ground work ach checked out offers from Direct Line Multi Car, TESCO , LV and AVIVA multicar.

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​How Easy is it to get a discount with AXA Multicar insurance?

AXA Insurance offers a 15% discount for anyone who insures more than one vehicle with them. With a simple phone call when you apply for the second vehicle, the receptionist will ask for the info on the first vehicle you insured with then. Once this information is verified the 15% discount is applied to the standard premium of the new policy.

What do I need to provide the AXA Insurance representative to get the discount?

By providing the plate number of the vehicle already insured by AXA Insurance, they can verify the policy and issue a 15% discount.

  • Both vehicles must be registered to the same address.​​​​
  • The policies can be listed for the same person or another family member living at the same address.

What is covered with the 15% AXA Multicar Insurance Policy?

  • The 15% only applies to the standard policy being taken out.
  • Options and extras to this new policy are at full price.
  • The discount is only applicable for new policies when taken out and only apply for the first year. After the first year the premium will be full price.
  • No Claims Discount can be applied to the second vehicle if the second policy is the same name as on the first policy. This is called mirroring and some conditions do apply and approval by AXA Insurance is required.

Do both policies have to be the same to get the multicar discount?

No when taking out a policy for a new vehicle, it does not have to be the same as the policy you have on the other vehicle. Even if they are both comprehensive polices, the options can be different, the choice is yours to make.

In Summary

This AXA Multicar Insurance review shows the discount for having more than one vehicle insured by AXA is only applicable for the first year and only for the standard part of the policy. This is a valid discount to get your business.

This information is being provided free to the public by an independent writer. We do not endorse or dissuade the use of AXA Insurance Company or its Underwriter and have not been compensated by AXA Insurance in any manner.

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