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What is taxi insurance

What is taxi insuranceKnowing just what is taxi insurance will help you be legally protected when you are transporting passengers in your commercial vehicle. Since you cannot be covered by a standard vehicle insurance policy, a Hire for Reward policy is required. If you operate a fleet then we can provide you with quotes for …

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Fleet Insurance Claims Expereince – Why is it so Important

Fleet insurance experience why it is importantMost drivers are familiar with no claims bonus and how it impacts the cost of your ongoing car insurance. Fleet insurance experience is the equivalent when we are dealing with how a fleet insurance premium is derived. Now you will understand the importance held within this document has and …

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Reduce Insurance Costs

Checklist to save money on fleet policy costsCompare fleet insurance have complied a checklist to help you ensure that you have taken all the necessary steps to keep your fleet costs in check. 1New customers or renewal time – Most brokers offer attractive introductory discounts for new customers. As such it does pay to shop around …

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What is SORN

If you manage a motor fleet you will no doubt know what SORN is and how it can be used to the benefit of your company. In a nutshell applying for SORN will enable you to stop paying tax and insurance for a fleet vehicle that will no longer be driven on the public roads in the UK.