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February 20, 2019

Aviva multicar insurance review

Aviva multicar insurance review

In this Aviva multi car insurance review we have delved into the particulars of this largest general insurance company in the UK. Their history of being in business reaches back to 1696, but the current name Aviva was not used until 2002.

Why is Aviva not on most insurance comparison websites?

On an insurance comparison website, the key factor being compared is the annual premium costs a driver would pay. The lowest cost type of coverage for any insurance company is Third Party insurance. Aviva does not offer that category. They only offer Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft. Because of that their multicar insurance rates will not appear on the comparison websites.  

What separates Aviva Insurance policies from other companies?

Aviva does not offer the minimum type of auto insurance coverage for a very good reason; they feel the public should have adequate coverage to financially protect them when on the roads in the UK. The policies issued by Aviva have many benefits most other fleet insurance brokers do not offer or charge a hefty fee for adding.

With an Aviva auto insurance policy, you get to chose what is to be covered and at what level. This makes it possible for each driver to get the type of coverage they need. This includes the following;

  • Different levels of courtesy car services and recovery of your vehicle coverage
  • Legal support in case of a lawsuit
  • Coverage when travelling in the European Union across the channel
  • Personal accident coverage

Aviva over 50s Multicar Insurance

Aviva does not offer a specific multi car insurance product for the over 50s, but if you're over 50 you can still benefit from generous no claims discounts. So if you are over 50 and a careful driver you will be rewarded with additional driver discounts.

Adam Beckett Director at Aviva has been recorded as saying that the Aviva policy will meet the needs of multi vehicle homes and offers an affordable solution. The discount  mentioned was of up to a third off your second car, this may well have changed in the interim

What enhancements are included in the comprehensive coverage?

This is the type of coverage for a driver who needs or wants the best coverage for financial protection. With additions to the policy there is a higher premium cost, but this protection could be less expensive than paying for many of these items out of your pocket if an incident occurs. The enhancements include;

  • The uninsured driver’s promise is protection if a driver is hit by uninsured motorists which the policy holder will keep their No Claims discount in place and you will be reimbursed for any excesses you paid.
  • The No Claim Discount can also be guaranteed for the life of the policy when the excess limit is £250 or more, there have been no claims in the past 5 years and the driver is over the age of 21.
  • The replacement or payment made for lost or damaged personal items, windscreens, locks and even audio devices.

How to obtain an Aviva insurance quote

Since Aviva is not on comparison website, the only way to obtain a price quote is to contact an Aviva insurance agent or have your insurance broker request a quote.

Final word on Aviva

Like any business there are happy and upset customers expressing their views. In general the Aviva insurance company makes it easy for last minute changes to a policy so the driver can have the coverage they need at a level they will be happy with. The biggest complaint with this insurance company is the continuous rising of premium costs. That is common fact across the entire auto insurance business sector independentd of what company you might use.

Get a range of Quotes

Whilst we can not provide quotes from Aviva we can provide a range quotes from other UK to brokers. To compare the market for multi car insurance should only take a few minutes of your time. Getting a range of quote will give you a good overview of the available options currently available in the marketplace and what solution is best for you or your family. Get started and select the blue button below. compare the market multi car insurance

January 22, 2019

Top 5 Multicar Insurance Companies

best multi car insurance companies

Top 5 Multicar Insurance Companies

The  5 best multicar insurance companies In the UK is subjective to interpretation depending on the types of vehicles you need insurance coverage for, the reason they will be on the road and the distances they will travel on a regular basis. Check out the top 5 and how you can take advantage of fleet insurance in 2019

RAC Insurance

RAC Insurance is one of the oldest and was one of the first insurance companies to cover motor vehicles back in 1897. Their home base is located in Birmingham, but have three separate bases strategically located in different part of the country for faster service to help repair broken down vehicles.

Reasons to use RAC for your multicar insurance include;

  • 10% discount on coverage for up to 4 different vehicles
  • They have more than 1500 repair vehicle patrols that assisted 2.3 million drivers in 2016 alone
  • RAC Insurance Plus policies are rated 5 stars from defaqto
  • Separate no claims discounts for each vehicle

AVIVA Insurance

AVIVA makes the claim of being the largest insurance company in the UK with 15 million policy holders. They have been insuring families and businesses in the UK since 1696. Their home base is located in London, but they have multiple offices in the UK.

  • Up to a 20%% discount, but optional extras on the policies are not included in the discount
  • Up to 5 vehicles can be covered
  • AVIVA dash cam and app free and can lead to a 28% discount on the premium

Directline Insurance

Directline Insurance has been in business since 1985. They are based out of Croydon and accept both phone calls and online business transactions. The discount amount is disclosed at the time a quote is issued.

Reasons to use Directline for your multicar insurance include;

  • 4 vehicles can be covered when applying online
  • 10 different vehicles can be covered when applying over the phone
  • This company is rated 5 stars from defaqto

esure Insurance Insurance opened their doors back in 2000. Their main office is in Wallington, Surrey, but has multiple offices covering the UK. They handle both phone calls and online business transactions and deal in small and mini fleet insurance.

Reasons to use esure for your multicar insurance include;

  • 10% discount on coverage for 2 or more different vehicles
  • They have a 5 star rating from defaqto
  • Each policy has a separate no claims discounts

Churchill Insurance

Churchill Insurance began issuing insurance policies back in 1990 and was purchased in whole by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2003 to be their the insurance arm of the corporation.

Reasons to use Churchill for your multicar insurance include;

  • You can cover up to 10 vehicles from your household
  • Discount percentage given in quote
  • The no claim discount is separate for each policy

The above are examples of the top 5 multicar insurance companies in the UK. For assistance with this type of vehicle insurance policy, our friendly fleet insurance brokers are ready and standing by to help you. Remember once you find a cheap policy keep it cheap by finding put how not to increase your costs.