May 9, 2019

Churchill Multicar Insurance Review

churchill multicar insurance

Churchill Multi Car Insurance is being reviewed for the purpose of making it easy for the public in the UK to see if this type of mini fleet policy would benefit them and their household. Churchill is based out of Leeds and is the insurance arm of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. The policies are underwritten by UK Insurance Limited.

Policies are only sold over the phone or on the internet. There is no mention of any office other than their headquarters.

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​What is Churchill Multi Car Insurance?

  • This type of policy is available for households where there is more than one registered vehicle owned at a single address.
  • Once one of the vehicles at the household is insured by Churchill, the next vehicle can be insured at a discounted price.
  • A total of 10 vehicles can be protected with Churchill Multi Car Insurance at one residence.

​How are the policies in the Churchill Multi Car insurance handled?

  • The multi car policy is like an umbrella which has the individual car policies under it. Each vehicle in the multi car policy will have its own policy which can be the same as the other policies or different levels of coverage. The choice of what is to be covered is that of the vehicle owner.
  • Because each vehicle policy is a separate set of coverage, the renewal date can be the same as the other vehicles or different, whichever way is best for the household.

​Does the vehicle owner at the residence have to be a family member?

While family members are the typical users of a multi car insurance policy, they do not have to be. The requirement is that the vehicle is registered at the same address.  Because of that friends that reside at your home can be covered with the multi car insurance and receive the discounted premium price.

How is the No Claims Discount handled?

Each individual driver and their policy will have their own No Claims Discount. No other policy or claims made on another policy will affect another policy including the No Claims Discount. If a claim is made on one of the other policies, the premiums of the other policies under the multi car insurance policy will remain unaffected.

How do I contact Churchill multicar insurance

Customer services by phone : 0345 603 3551

Churchill multicar insurance opening hours

Monday to Friday:

8am – 9pm

Saturday  & Bank Holidays::

9am – 5pm


9am – 5pm

Visit Web Site 

In Conclusion

Churchill Multi Car insurance is made to cover all the vehicles at one residence . The main advantage is that with each additional policy written there is a discount on the premium costs. What is not disclosed is the amount the discount actually is.

This information is being provided free to the public by an independent writer. We do not endorse or dissuade the use of this insurance provider and have not been compensated by Churchill Insurance in any manner.

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