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Commercial fleet insurance

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Compare Commercial fleet insurance

It is now easy to find fleet insurance quotes online and if you spend time you should be able to find cover at an affordable price. Below we outline some of the cover options plus some ways you can reduce the costs of commercial fleet insurance and save money. fleet insurance for commercial vehicles is designed to help financially protect an organisation from the many road risks a business can encounter when they use vehicles as part of their business operations. We work with a select panel of UK insurance brokers that can offer cover ranging from third party to fully comprehensive, plus additional extras specific to your business model. 

What is commercial fleet insurance?

The issuing of a commercial fleet insurance policy to businesses is so their vehicles can operate on the roads and motorways of the UK legally. In all policies of this type is road risk cover that at a minimum must be Third Party only. The more common type of policy issued contains full comprehensive which provides more complete protection against road risks.

Another requirement by UK law is that all businesses that have employees are required to have an employer liability policy. 

How many and what types of vehicles are required to be classified as a commercial fleet?

Each business that operates a commercial fleet is unique to itself. The number of vehicles in a fleet can be at minimum 2 with the maximum being unlimited.

The types of vehicles vary depending on the business sector they operate in. They can all be of the same type of a combination of several types. The types that can be included are of the following;

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • HGV Lorries
  • Recovery Vehicles
  • Self Drive Hire Vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • Black cabs

Why should a business use commercial fleet insurance?

The typical commercial fleet cover is an umbrella type policy that simplifies how the company vehicles are protected against the many risks of operating vehicles. With all of the vehicles under one policy, the paperwork is simplified at both ends of the agreement.

The reduction of costs is another advantage a business will receive when taking out a commercial fleet policy to protect their vehicles. By grouping all of the business vehicles together, an insurance firm will discount the cost of the policy premium.

What can be added to a commercial fleet policy for more complete protection?

In addition to the UK governmental requirement of road risk cover, other risks can easily be addressed when a business uses a comprehensive policy for this type of cover. As part of your fleet management checklist, the following should be considered;

  • Goods in transit
  • Carriage of goods
  • Courier cover
  • Hire and reward
  • Public liability
  • Breakdown cover
  • Legal expenses
  • Lock replacement
  • Windscreen and window cover

What factors affect the cost of the commercial fleet insurance premiums?

The variable factors that are figured into the price paid for the commercial fleet cover hinges on the type of cover taken out whether it is comprehensive or Third Party only. The other factors include the value of the vehicles and their age, the number of vehicles being covered along with the drivers hired to operate the fleet of vehicles. With the drivers, the factors include their driving records, age, years of experience and their insurance claim history.

How can I save on commercial fleet insurance?

By choosing a fleet insurance option for road risk protection is already a positive path to reducing the cost of your vehicle insurance. By hiring drivers over the age of 25 with a minimum of 3 years experience in operating the types and size of vehicle you have in your fleet reduces the risk to the insurance firm which lowers the cost of the premium.

To avoid the interest applied to an insurance premium for monthly payments, a business should pay their premium annually. However, if you need some flexibility our brokers can offer monthly or quarterly payment plans

Once a business understands what can be included in a commercial fleet insurance policy they are ready to compare quotes they have requested from an insurance broker. Knowing how to manage a fleet of business vehicles makes it possible to choose a tailor made policy that fits the needs of the business.

Documents for your commercial fleet policies arrive instantly

After transaction completion the broker will make available all the documentation associated with your policy. This will also be available instantly online.

Easy payment options

If you are a new venture you may find it easier to pay monthly or even quarterly. The panel of insurance providers that provide the quotes are flexible in arranging a payment scheme to suit your operating budget.