Cordic App for fleet taxi drivers

Cordic App for fleet taxi drivers

Ridesharing drivers have used apps to help generate business and take part of the taxi service customers away. Now with the new Cordic app, taxi drivers can use an app to get some of that lost business back.

What is Cordic App?

This is an android app that improves communication between drivers and their head office so they can meet the needs of the public better. The aim is to maximize the service they providing more options in their services and streamline bookings for the public. This communication has both voice and text options.

Included in the app is the ability to text or use pre-typed messages to faster responses. Other features include auto dispatching, auto accepting and rejecting of a client, manual and auto-bidding along with allocating jobs by the driver.

Who can use the Cordic App?

The Cordic App is currently being used in the UK by existing Cordic clients that includes both Parker Car and ABBA Cars Services. While the app is still being Beta tested, it is showing promise for revolutionizing the taxi industry so they will be more competitive with the ridesharing competition like Uber.

Cordic is still accepting new clients so any taxi fleet operator can become a client and take advantage of using this new tool to help they generate new and improves services for their clients.

Are there any advantages for the driver using the app other than accepting new jobs?

Not only can the taxi driver receive new jobs with the app, but it also organizes their jobs in terms of payment types per job, earnings and also tracks the number accepted and rejected. This information is easily available on the queue screen.

Who is Cordic?

Cordic is a fleet management solution business that has been operating for 20 years now. They are based out of Cambridge in the UK. They provide dispatching systems for a fleet in combination with street navigation and the use of satellite networks to help fleet operators to dispatch, organize and direct their drivers for maximum performance in their duties.

To help manage a fleet a business might also find taxi fleet insirance a helpful article in saving money on covering your fleet of taxis. There is also saving money with fleet insurance and lowering fleet insurance costs affected by COVID-19 virus.

The new Cordic App for fleet taxi drivers is the latest tool fleet owners have at their disposal to help them organize and generate new business. Use it to your advantage and watch your business grow.

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