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What Is Courier Fleet Insurance?

If you run a courier business that has a fleet of five or more vehicles to transport other people’s goods for hire or reward, then courier fleet insurance is for you. If you have less than 5 vehicles, we offer a highly competitive courier insurance product to meet your needs.

Running a fleet of vehicles is easier to manage and more cost efficient under one policy.  Compare Fleet Insurance are widely recognised experts in courier fleet insurance, so will be able to offer your business an individually tailored policy to meet your needs.

Who needs haulage and courier fleet insurance policy?

This type of coverage is specifically designed to financially protect a fleet of 3 vehicles or more who deliver goods or pick up goods and transport them from one location to another.  The types of vehicles in the fleet can be cars, trucks, vans, buses and Lorries or any combination of them.

What information do you need so the right level and type of coverage can be obtained?

  • Identify the type of goods does your organisation transports along with their approximate size, weight and value.
  • The geographical area in which your vehicles cover for your business during pick-ups and deliveries.
  • The types of vehicles in your fleet, their weight, average annual mileage, their value and their age.
  • The size of your fleet.
  • The types of places your fleet goes to, commercial, residential or both.
  • The age, residency and driving record of the employees operating the fleet vehicles.

What is covered with haulage and courier insurance?

Not only are the vehicles protected but also the goods that are being transported. Because organisation have to be protected from lawsuits, liability insurance is also required.

For fleet vehicle protection, one the following must be taken out

  • Third party insurance is the minimal coverage required by UK law. This covers the repair cost of the other vehicle along with any medical bills of the occupants of that vehicle when your driver is at fault in an accident.
  • Comprehensive insurance is the same as above but will also cover the repairs to your vehicle and any medical bills your driver might incur.
  • Third party fire and theft insurance is the same as above but your vehicle is also protected in case it is a victim of fire damage or is stolen.

Protection for your business

  • Goods in transit insurance is financial protection for what is being transported just in case it is lost, stolen or damaged before it is delivered.
  • Public liability insurance is financial protection against any lawsuit placed against your business by a client or anyone else.  This will cover the cost of any settlement and the legal fees.
  • Employee liability insurance is to financially protect the business if an employee brings a lawsuit against your organisation. This also protects the business if an employee is injured while on the job. Compensation, medical bills and legal fees will be covered.

There are many variables involved with just which of the haulage and courier insurance is right for your business. To help making it easier for a business to have the right level of insurance coverage, our independent insurance brokers are available to assist you. With their assistance your organisation can have the coverage you need at a cost you can afford.

Get fleet insurance quotes from specialist providers

If you’d like to get fleet insurance quotes from specialist providers now simply click the blue get a quote button below. After providing some information about your business and the level of cover you want, you’ll then have access to your quotes.

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