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Electric fleet insurance

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The cost of electric fleet insurance is currently higher than the cover for standard mechanical vehicles due to the new technology incorporated into powering and stopping the vehicle. This new technology in the electric vehicles uses fly by wire more than any other vehicle on the market and has higher repair costs so the insurance cover is more expensive to cover this expense.

Electric fleet insurance is not limited to, electric only vehicles. You could include a mix of cars, van’s and hgv’s. These can be powered by a standard combustion engine, hybrid or 100% electric. This also makes this type of policy popular with a family or small business after mini fleet insurance.

Is electric fleet insurance available?

It is possible to insure your electric fleet of vehicles, but not every insurance firm will offer this type of plan or even cover for electric vehicles. Because there is not a great deal of competition for this type of cover, the prices are much higher than what most fleet owners expect. 

Why is electric fleet insurance so expensive?

The reason for the high cost of cover for electric vehicles and fleets of them is very simple and include;

  • The electric vehicles are new to the market as compared to conventional mechanic vehicles. The first policies for these mechanical vehicles were high back over 100 years ago when that was the new technology since little to no data on the costs of repairs were known.
  • The repair costs of electric vehicles are not truly known. This is caused by very few of them are in need of repairs since not many of them are on the road. With the costs of repairs as an unknown, the insurance firms overestimate the price of repairs to cover any possibility. This is driving up the insurance premium’s cost.
  • As with all new technology, there are very few that actually know how to repair an electric vehicle. The way of the past was to check for fuel, spark and compression are now of no use for the electric vehicle. With repairs taking more of an electrician than a mechanic, the trade of repairing vehicles is changing and becoming more expensive.

Why is there such a push for electric vehicles?

The UK government has decided to end the sales of all mechanical vehicles in the year 2035. Because of that, within our lifetime we will see the death of the mechanical vehicle in an attempt to save the environment. With no more new mechanical vehicles being sold, eventually, they will no longer be roadworthy to operate. In addition, the mechanical repair shops and petrol stations will begin to disappear because of the lack of need for them.

What is being carried over from mechanical to electric vehicles?

There are very few components being used in electric vehicles that are also standard in the old fashioned mechanical vehicles. These are suspension, battery, a few have hydraulic brakes and body panels along with interiors that shops will remain open to conduct repairs.

There will no longer be a need for shops that repair engines, transmissions, exhaust systems and cooling systems to name a few. What will begin to open and will replace them are electric motor repairs, servos and other electronic component repairs that are being used in the new fly by wire systems that control most of the moving parts of the vehicle like brakes and steering. These have already been incorporated into a few of the newer and more expensive mechanical vehicles being sold.

How do I find the best price for electric fleet insurance?

Just like the repair shops are transforming to fit the future need of the public, insurance firms are also preparing to do the same. Right now the new electric fleet insurance brokers are the few that know the market and who to help their clients get the cover they need for the price they can afford. 

Find the best deal on fleet insurance is not easy and you will need to get multiple quotes and compare all the deals available on the marketplace. To ensure you are not losing out on special offers of discounts make sure to also compare options when it comes to renewal time. If you select he quote option below and complete one form we can help by providing a selection of quotes from a panel of UK brokers,

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