July 5, 2019

Esure Multi Car Insurance Review

Esure multicar insurance is being reviewed to make it easier for the public to understand just what this insurance broker offers in terms of financial protection for vehicles. This company was founded back in 2000 by the same man that started up Direct Line Insurance in 1985. Both companies specialize in direct selling of policies over the telephone and online.

esure multi car insurance reviewed

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What Esure multi car insurance covers

A multi-car insurance policy is like an umbrella which all the vehicles owned by occupants at one residence can be covered with individual policies and still receive a discounted premium price because they are all lumped together as a group.

What is required to apply for an Esure multicar insurance policy?

  • All applicants must be over the age of 25.
  • All applicants must reside at the same physical residence.
  • More than one vehicle must be owned by residents at the home that is to be covered by an Esure motor vehicle insurance policy.
  • All vehicles under the multicar policy must be registered to the residence. 
  • Residents can be but it is not required for them to be related to each other.

What types of vehicles can be covered by an Esure multicar insurance policy?

This type of policy is mainly for non-commercial vehicles that include commuter vehicles and some small vans. At this time Esure does not have a policy to cover motorcycles, taxis, courier vehicles or tradesmen vans so they can’t be included.

​Will Esure cover multiple vehicles owned by the same person with the multicar policy?

Yes more than one vehicle can have the same primary driver listed in the policy. This makes it possible for a person to have a commuter vehicle and a weekend or classic vehicle.

Do all of the Esure multicar policies have to be the same?

No each vehicle is covered with its own policy. This makes it possible for one vehicle to be covered with a comprehensive policy and another have only third party coverage. Because each vehicle has its own policy, the No Claims Discounts are also separate for each vehicle policy. The excess paid by the owner is just like the No Claims Discount which can be different for each vehicle under the multicar policy.

Since each vehicle has its own policy the renewal dates of the policies can be the same or different. The choice is that of the owner of each vehicle.

The Esure multicar insurance policy is custom made for the household that has more than one driver and multiple vehicles so a discount can be received by each owner on the premium for their insurance policy.

Remember this is an insurance broker and they do not underwrite the policies they issue to their clients. If you need to compare the cost of multi car insurance select the get quote option below. Compare fleet insurance just like go compare multi car and other comparative website can offer you multiple quotes by simply completing one form with answers to a few key questions. In under 5 minutes you will start receiving brokers quotes and you can choose to proceed or keep on shopping. 

Compare Multicar Insurance

Protect your fleet today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers

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