Family Fleet Insurance Quotes

Find a cheap fleet insurance policy that meets with your families requirements

  • Multiple quotes from Specialist Brokers
  • UK and European Insurance Cover
  • Cars, Truck, Vans, Bikes , any Vehicle type
  • Complete one quick and easy form
  • Tailor the policy to your family  
  • Young drivers can be added

Benefits of family fleet insurance

Family fleet insurance has grown in popularity within the UK as it often the most efficient and easiest way to cover all your family vehicles. We mention vehicles to highlight the fact that the fleet is not limited to motorcars, but can encompass any other family road vehicle, for example motorbike, classic camper van, motorhome, pickup or a lorry. It is also much more convenient to track when  policy premium payments are due. Any household with more than one car should consider swapping to a family motor fleet insurance package. Household fleet cover will most likely work out cheaper than taking out separate policies for each vehicle.

Many benefits exist for opting for a fleet insurance policy, but the biggest by far is that you should make significant savings over choosing the traditional one policy one car approach.  For families with young drivers under 25 it has the added advantages of making it easier to get them added for a reasonable cost.

Tailored Quotes for your family needs

It is likely that each family member will require different levels of cover ranging from third party to fully comprehensive. Family policies can tailored to do just that. In addition you may have classic cars that can be covered under a low mileage policy or even pay as you go. 

You may also wish to restrict some vehicles in the family to named drivers only. All this and more is possible when you take the route of a one stand alone family motor policy. In summary we have listed some of the key ways that taking out family motor cover can be to you and your families benefit.

  • Any vehicle category can be added to the policy, for example bikes, jeeps, minibuses, MPV's,  motor homes.
  • Choose the level of cover required for each individual vehicle.
  • Restrict drivers on certain family vehicles to reduce costs.
  • Young divers can be added for less than if they were to take out their own individual insurance.
  • Choose limited mileage or pay a you go policies for vehicles such as a motor home which you drive less frequently.  

Flexible payment options & online documentation

The policy documentation is available immediately after purchase, you can store this online in a document center like drop box, it is also advisable to print off a hard copy to keep in your vehicle.  You also choose the frequency of payments from one annual payment to more friendly monthly payments, insurance providers normally offer the following: 

  • Montly
  • Quarerly
  • Biannual
  • Annual

How to get a quote 

The quote process is easy and fast. Simply sect he get quote option and complete a simple form and within minutes start receiving multiple quotes fro a sect panel of UK broker that specialise in family motor policies.

Family Fleet Insurance

Why Family Fleet Insurance

  • One Policy
  • One renewal Date 
  • Any Vehicle

Can I lower the costs of family motor insurance?

Insurance is not cheap, but by taking some simple steps as we list below. the broker will most likely lower your cost or provide a discount. The list is not exhaustive, but it is a good practicable advise to how you can lower your family premium costs. 

  • Beef up on security by adding industry approved devices that will deter the car thief, immobilizer and tracking device fall into this category
  • Safe driving: By driving safely you will almost make fewer if any claims against your underwriter, this can then be rewarded at renewal time by way of a no claims discount 
  • Can you pride safe overnight parking or add an alarm system to detect intruders in your parkway?
  • Similar to driving safely adding a black box which records how you drive can be used as evidence to help reduce your premium, speak with your broker on how this can be achieved to the mutual benefit of both you and the broker.
  • Restrict your policy to named driver or drivers.