What is fleet insurance?

What is fleet insurance?

What is fleet insurance explained is a subject of interest for those businesses that have multiple vehicles they use regularly. This type of cover provides a business with a means to organise their insurance needs and reduce costs without compromising the features and service of financially protecting the company vehicles.

Who can benefit from fleet insurance?

A business that owns or leases numerous vehicles can benefit from taking out a fleet insurance policy to protect their investment in motor vehicles. The number of vehicles to qualify for fleet cover can be as low as only two vehicles. The upper limit is not capped. The types of business that use fleet cover include taxi businesses, courier businesses, delivery businesses, cargo transfer firms, large corporations with company vehicles and construction contractors.

Any business that has numerous vehicles used as part of their business plan can benefit from a fleet insurance policy. The one stipulation is that the vehicle has to be registered to the business and not to an individual.

How many vehicles do I need for Fleet Insurance?

Any motorised vehicle that is required at a minimum to have Third Party Only cover can be listed as part of a fleet insurance policy. The types include lorries, trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, black cabs and construction vehicles like cranes, dump trucks and earth moving equipment.

It the vehicles have wheels, motors and will operate on the motorway they can be covered with fleet insurance.

What are the benefits of having fleet insurance?

By having a fleet policy for the business vehicles, all of the vehicles are protected under one umbrella policy. This helps to organize the protection while simplifying the processes, including claims and policy renewals.

Advantageous to the businesses is each vehicle that is protected will have its level of cover tailored to fit the needs for how the vehicle will be used. This makes it possible to cover commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars under the umbrella fleet policy.

How do I save money on fleet insurance?

How to reduce insurance costs can take several paths for an organisation. By only hiring qualified drivers with a clean driving and criminal records contributes to lower premium costs. Another path is with telemetrics to reduce fleet insurance costs.

By using fleet insurance a business can reduce the cost of keeping their vehicles legal on the road with road risk cover. To help assist you to compare fleet quotes is this helpful link which will make it possible for you to receive multiple quotes for you to compare.

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