Reduce Insurance Costs
Checklist to save money on fleet policy costsNew customers or renewal time  – Most brokers offer attractive introductory discounts for new customers,[...]
What is SORN
How  SORN can save you moneyIf you manage a motor fleet you will no doubt know what SORN is and[...]
Keep your vans operational with regular checks
Simple routine vehicle checks Keeping you multi car fleet maintained will reduce  preventative incidents, leading to less time that your fleet[...]
Fully Autonomous Vehicles
Driver less Cars are ComingBelow I have outlined some of the challenges and ethical questions that need addressed before we[...]
Telemetrics – reduce fleet insurance
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7 key areas of fleet management
7 Key Areas of Fleet Management Costs1 Get the fleet foundations rightInsurance costs tend to increase or at best to[...]
Most Reliable Fleet Vehicles in 2017
Reliable Fleet Vehicles in 201750% of cars sold in the UK will be for use in a company fleet. Company[...]
What is Multi-Car Insurance?
What is Multi-Car Insurance?what is multi car insurance? This type of cover is primarly for families that have more than[...]
How to manage a Fleet of Business Vehicles
7 Ways to Reduce Fleet Operating CostsFleet MaintenanceMany times, the person in charge of the fleet has many other duties[...]
7 Ways to Reduce Fleet Operating Costs
7 Ways to Reduce Fleet Operating CostsThe rising costs of fuel compounded by the depreciation of the British pound against[...]