Fleet Breakdown Cover

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Compare Fleet Breakdown Cover & Multi Car Breakdown Cover

If you rely on your fleet for urgent deliveries you most likely have or are considering taking out a breakdown cover to cover all of your fleet and provide roadside assist. Roadside assist is an important part of any policy the purpose is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. QDOS claim to have better than avgare with 4 out of 5 vehicles fixed at the roadside.

Is multi car breakdown cover available?

It is possible to have a multi car insurance policy  and a multi car breakdown cover. Multi car breakdown isnuarnce is ideal for families that have more than one car based at the same address. It is a flexible type of cover in which you can 2 or more cars. Again the vehicles do not have to all of one type. For example, you could have a car, a van or even a motorhome under the multi car breakdown policy.

It can work out cheaper than taking out separate cover policies. Because of the many factors it is best to get as many quotes as possible under a multi policy route and the traditional single policy route.

Multi-car cover, like Fleet cover can work in two ways.

  1. 1
    Insurance approach : This is where you are responsible for paying for breakdown services provided. You then make a claim against your insurance policy for the costs.
  2. 2
    Breakdown Cover : This is the traditional approach. In the method you pay an annual fee for bkreadwon cover to for example QDOS. If do happen to break down they will cover costs that are covered by your policy type.

Cover for fleets of any Size Cars, Vans and Motorbikes

Fleet cover is not restricted to a particular vehicle type and can include bikes, cars and vans. QDOS can also provide quotes for cover if you hold a multi car hire insurance policy 

Compare Fleet Breakdown Cover

fleet breakdown cover

Quodos offer a range of cover options starting from £11.99. You can opt for basic roadside assistance local recovery. If required you can add in home start so if you have all 3 Roadside assist, local recover and home start. The next step up is national recover, which also includes recover for the driver and a maximum of 7 passengers. The passengers can be ferried to final destination or garage awaiting the vehicle being fixed.

The initial quote will be for roadside assist and local recovery. At this stage you can opt to extend by adding additional cover

Fleet Breakdown Cover Limitations

All insurance policies breakdown cover included come with exclusions and limitations. A typical limitation with some brokers is the number of call outs over specified time period. Example no more than 3 call outs in any 6 month period. Cover. Will the cover also provide assist for windscreen or wheel damage if required?. Many providers of fleet breakdown cover exst and each will have different prices and different levels of fleet breakdown cover. To find a cover that meets with your requirements spend time considering what exactly you or your business need and make sure these are included. If limitations exist make sure they are also acceptable. Comparing all the options whilst time consuming will hel;p you find a deal that meets with your requirements. 

What happens without breakdown cover

Without fleet breakdown cover or multi car breakdown insurance it will be the responsibility of the driver or the company if an employee to arrange a call out recovery service. This may take more time than having an existing breakdown policy and breakdown procedure in place. However, it may work out cost effective especially if all you fleet are new models with little change of an actual breakdown.

Compare Multicar Breakdown Cover

Protect your fleet today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers

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