August 19, 2019

Hastings Multicar Insurance Review

Hastings Direct Multi Car Insurance

Included in this Hastings multi car insurance review are the advantages of using this car insurance company if you have more than one vehicle at your residence you need to insure. What should be noted is that this is an insurance company and not a broker. The policies are underwritten by Hastings Direct. They offer a wide range of insurance services, but today we will focus on their  multi car insurance product.

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One concern people have when dealing with insurance companies is how much does it cost. The way to receive the discounts when taking out a multicar policy are clearly stated; please look below.

  • For existing Hastings policyholders, when they add a second vehicle, the second vehicle’s policy is discounted by 10%.
  • For new customers of Hastings, both the first and second vehicle insurance policies are given a 10% discount.

​What are the Requirements and Restrictions with a Hastings Multicar Policy?

  • All vehicles listed in a multicar policy are required to be registered at the same residence.
  • All vehicle owners must have a valid UK driver’s license.
  • The people listed on the policies can be related, but they do not have to be related.
  • Up to 5 vehicles can be part of a multicar policy from Hastings Insurance.
  • Only named drivers in the vehicle policy will be covered with insurance coverage.

​Are all the Vehicles Required to have the Same or Similar Types of Policies?

The simple answer is no. While all of the vehicles can have the same type of coverage, it is not a requirement. Vehicle owners have the freedom to choose the level of coverage they want. This allows for one to have full comprehensive while others can be covered with only Third Party coverage.

The renewal dates can also be the same or different. The date the policy needs to be renewed is the decision of the owner.

Another item kept separate, but included under the umbrella of the multicar policy is the No Claims Discounts. With this separation, a claim can be made by one vehicle owner and it will not affect the policies of the vehicles.

How is the No Claims Discount handled?

Each individual driver and their policy will have their own No Claims Discount. No other policy or claims made on another policy will affect another policy including the No Claims Discount. If a claim is made on one of the other policies, the premiums of the other policies under the multi car insurance policy will remain unaffected.

How do I contact Hastings Direct multicar insurance

Contact by phone  :   0333 321 9801 or  Registered Office: Conquest House, Collington Avenue, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN39 3LW

Hastings Direct phone number

Monday to Friday:




Sunday & bank holidays:

10:00am - 4:00pm

Visit Web Site 

In Conclusion

This Hastings multicar insurance review has exposed the leading advantage of having this type of policy is to obtain the discount when adding a new vehicle to the umbrella policy. It is also nice that when a claim is being made by one owner because of an accident, it does not affect the other policies in any manner. 

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Multi car insurance is a popular product and and most insurance companies now offer this type of cover. Restrictions and what is included does vary slightly from broker to broker. As such it will pay to shop around and compare the various deals currently available. Comparative studies can help, but also go direct to Admiral multi cover, lv multi car insurance and Direct Line multi car insurance plus the many others including London Victoria.

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