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Haulage fleet insurance

The haulage fleet insurance available in the UK is tailored made to fit the needs of the lorry drivers who transport the goods our country uses to keep the economy humming. This type of fleet insurance can be used for vehicles of a variety of sizes from vans over 3.5 tonnes all the way up to the big lorries with their long trailers plying on the motorways.

What is haulage fleet insurance?

Haulage fleet insurance is commercial vehicle insurance used to financial protect those in the business of transporting goods for hire and reward purposes. Unlike couriers who can have many destinations on their routes, these drivers only have one destination where they unload their cargo at.

Just like the lorries that are used to move the trailers where the goods are being transported in, the trailers themselves need to have at minimum third party insurance. This is required by UK law for them to be on the motorways.

Most fleet business owners prefer to have more than minimum coverage for their trailers so comprehensive policies are also available. This provides cover even when the company driver makes a mistake and there is damage to the trailer.

How many vehicles and what size are required to take out a haulage fleet insurance policy?

  • Most insurance firms classify a fleet of trucks being 5 or more.
  • The weight of the trailer must be between 3.5 tonnes up to 200 tonnes.
  • What else must a fleet owner have as required by UK law?

    The comprehensive section of the policy takes care of the UK road risk requirement by law. In addition there is another requirement for a business to have when operating a fleet. This is employers liability cover which takes care of the costs if an employee becomes sick or is injured while on the job.

    Are there any optional add-ons for the haulage fleet insurance cover?

    Yes there are many optional types of cover to for an organisation to consider to help manage the risks of operating a commercial haulage fleet business. The following should be considered.

  • Goods in transit
  • Public liability
  • Fleet breakdown cover
  • Uninsured loss recover
  • Legal cover
  • Income protection cover
  • Each of these covers a risk that when needed will help keep your business operational with funds or support.

    How do I save money on haulage fleet insurance?

    A business owner can save money on their insurance premium by lowering the risks involved in protecting their fleet of lorries and their associated trailers. The one area with the largest positive effect on the cost of cover is the use of drivers with good and clean driving records. They should also be over the age of 25 with at least 5 years experience on the road with the size of truck they are operating.

    Many insurance firms offer a discount when the lorry has installed dashboard cams.

    Another very common discount is provided when the trailers are stored in a locked and secure location with alarm system and adequate lighting when the trailers are unhitched and not in use.

    The correct level of haulage fleet insurance can be a strong contributing factor into just how successful a transport business can keep on operating in a world filled with risks. Know what you need and compare fleet quotes from an insurance broker before deciding on the right policy for your organisation.