How the Lockdown is impacting Fleet Operators

Lowering costs of fleet insurance during lockdown

Lowering costs of fleet insurance during COVID 19 pandemic while keeping your drivers safe is possible with a little bit of planning. For many fleet owners, they have experienced a hung upswing in business due to the increased demand for essential goods that have to be delivered. Others have had a drop off in business. It is those fleet owners that can now save money on their annual insurance premiums.

For fleet owners that have idle vehicles

Some fleet owners do have vehicles sitting idle during the pandemic. To save money the vehicles should be registered with the DVLA as a SORN vehicle or Statutory Off Road Notification. Unless this is done, the government requires all vehicle to carry Road Risk insurance including the ones you have idle.

To protect SORN vehicles, insurance companies offer Fire and Theft policies along with Laid Up Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft policies. The premiums of both of these policies are far less than those that have road risk still active on them. 

How to keep drivers safe as possible

The advised path to keeping drivers safe during the pandemic is to follow the government outlines on social distancing and the cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. While that sounds good, you can take it one step further by utilizing the tools you already have. This includes ensuring all payments are made by electronic formats over the internet or via telephone.

The receiving of orders can also use this contactless format by the drivers checking their messages so they can receive the order information without having to come in direct contact with anyone.

The loading of the orders into the vehicle is dependent on the size of the order and size of the vehicle being used. For the most part each order can be placed in a specific location and retrieved by the driver or a loader. Since most items are in containers a sanitizing spray can be used to kill any virus that is present and all workers staying a minimum of 6 feet from the order after it is sanitized.

When dropping off the order, the same protocols can be used. The order is placed in a specific location and finalized by spraying the order without the customer being present. The customer can then retrieve the order once the driver has left the scene.

Saving money with fleet insurance is done  by knowing how to handle risk management for fleet owners to their advantage. This makes it possible to be lowering fleet insurance costs and still have the protection you need.

Lowering costs of fleet insurance during COVID 19 pandemic is possible if you know your options. By having the correct level of cover for how the vehicles in your fleet are being used or not used will save you money on your annual fleet insurance premium.  

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