How to benefit from fleet insurance in 2019

How to benefit from fleet insurance in 2019

The new year is a popular time to buy a new car with most showrooms offer attractive discounts along with easy payment options. Insurance brokers also get on the bandwagon by offer attractive discounts on fleet and car insurance 

Owners of business vehicles including vans, lorries and couriers can look to swapping over to a fleet policy in 2019 to save on insurance costs. According to Fleet Insurance it can be possible to make substantial savings, as much as 20%. Brokers can offer better deals if you can bundle in your business premises insurance and your other policies with your fleet insurance. Now that you have simplified the process with one only one renewal date and the ability to apply simple changes to the cover of your entire fleet by a phone call or email to your broker.

Owners of private or business vehicles can reduce their insurance costs by not making trivial claims against their policies. In addition, remember that paying off the whole premium in one payment is always cheaper than monthly instalments. Drive your likelihood of needing to make claims by driving safely in 2019. Never ever text when driving or get distracted by your mobile device. It is a fact that this is a major cause in road crashes.

Prove to your broker that you are a good driver or an occasional driver by fitting  a telematic device. Share this driving data with your broker to prove you pose lower risk and get rewarded with a lower insurance premium in 2019. Help both yourself and your broker by installing a dash cam. This will protect you against fraudulent claims that have been on the rise over recent years.

Check your policy for items in there that you will never need. The classic example is cover for travel to Europe when you know this will never be used. Take time to identify any such items. Next contact your proposed broker and ask them to provide a new quote. The new quote should only provide cover only for the things that you need. A word of caution this is not an opportunity to lower your cover benefits, but just remove cover that is not required. 

With advances in safe driving technology accidents should be on a downward spiral. The truth is that some types of avoidable accidents have been on the increase. One of the key culprits is the mobile phone. Still too many drivers are being distracted by in car gadgets especially the mobile phone. View it as your social responsibility to follow the rules that apply to hand phones, or you could be the cause and victim of a horrific road crash. Make it your sole responsibility to drive safely in 2019.