Reduce Insurance Costs

Checklist to save money on fleet policy costs

Compare fleet insurance have complied a checklist to help you ensure that you have taken all the necessary steps to keep your fleet costs in check. 

  • 1
    New customers or renewal time – Most brokers offer attractive introductory discounts for new customers. As such it does pay to shop around at renewal time.
  • 2
    Reduce your annual mileage – If possible agree a cap on your fleet mileage with your underwriter or broker. Reducing time on the road will also reduce risks and your insurance costs.
  • 3
    Build a history of no claims discounts – This can play a big factor in reducing fleet cover costs. As such focus on reducing your claims. Reducing claims should result in significant savings on your  insurance costs.
  • 4
    Black Box : The idea here is to show your insurer that you pose less of a risk because you or your drivers are considered safe drivers. The black box records your driving. For example how quickly and how often you break, speed, extreme or jerky steering.
  • 5
    Regular Service : Some accidents are partly the result of vehicles that are not running 100%. For example a braking system that has been left unchecked. Pursuing a company-wide policy of regular servicing will help reduce accidents.
  • 6
    Security - Add additional security devices approved by the UK insurance industry.
  • 7
    Increase the excess - Taking more responsibility for the costs of any future claims. Do this by increasing the policy excess amount. This will be rewarded by a policy discount. First ensure that you will be able to afford to pay the excess in the event of an accident.
  • 8
    Expert advice – Take advice from the fleet insurance specialists when unsure of what you should include.
  • 9
    Named Drivers : If possible avoid any driver fleet insurance and choose named drivers only.
  • 10
    Driver Age : Drivers Under 25 Attract  higher premium. If possible to ensure all drivers are over 25 or If possible over 30.