Keep your vans operational with regular checks

Simple routine vehicle checks 

Keeping your motor fleet maintained will reduce  preventative incidents, leading to less time that your fleet vehicles spend in the local garage. The following routine checks will not take more than 30 mins and can be carried out by the driver, initial training is advised to ensure all drivers understand how to carry out these checks and also the importance of these checks.


Tires take the most wear and tear and connect your van to the road. Start by checking:

  • Thread depth, at least 1.66 mm.
  • Tire Condition look for uneven wear and tear or bumps.

  • Tire pressure, this is critical for safe and economical driving. (should be checked at least once per month)

  • If you use snow tires remember to change during summer, this will also save you on fuel charges.

Oil keeps everything  working

Oil is paramount in the smooth running of any engine, failure to change oil as required including the oil filter will lead to damage to the moving parts of your engines. The damage caused can be very expensive to fix and in some extreme cases require an expensive retooling or replacement. 

Hoses and Belts

With the latest advances belts play less of a roll indeed if any role in the modern engine, however some manufactures still rely on timing belts. Belts do wear out and failure to replace in time as per the manufacturer's instructions can result in a hefty bill to sort your engine block out.


The key here is to replace your battery  before you are let down badly by a car that fails to start. Any quick fit operation can quickly run a check and provide you with a print-out, showing you how well your battery is functioning. The test will check your battery ability to self charge and start your car, with an overall score which will indicate either good or time to replace.  

Taking preventative steps will pay dividends down the road

Following the checks outlined above will reduce roadside breakdowns and reduce the number of hours that your valuable fleet of cars or vans are sitting in a garage.