Most Reliable Fleet Vehicles in 2017

Reliable Fleet Vehicles in 2017

50% of cars sold in the UK will be for use in a company fleet. Company cars are a great way to attract the best talent in any business sector and is seen as a must have perk for any business employee. A lot of companies also provide a petrol card for free petrol to further attract the best. 

The costs to the company in charge of a car or HGV fleet is naturally high. Spending time and researching how to make savings and reduce overheads is key to being a good fleet manager. The goal is to source a motor fleet that is both attractive to the perspective employee, can be purchased at a reasonable price and is economical to run. 

Economical to run equates to a car that is reliable 365 days a year regardless of the number of miles you put on the clock. Fleet insurance is another factor and is strongly aligned to how expensive the car is to buy plus the average repair costs. 

Whilst from the fleet managers perspective it would be great to buy only the most reliable cars under £15,000 for all company employees. In reality they have to buy a cross section from budget to luxury to match other work benefits and importantly to attract and retain the best talent. 

A survey of UK fleet managers carries out by fleet news found the Germans monopolising the top 3 positions with the BMW 3 series taking top spot as the most reliable fleet car in 2017 

Most Reliable Cars in 2017 are German

  • 1
    BMW 3 Series
  • 2
    Volkswagen Golf
  • 3
    Audi A4 

Where are Mercedes you may ask, they did squeeze in at position 7 with the c class, but only just made it into the top 10. VW made significant gains and is hot on the heels of BMW for the best fleet car in 2018.

The Japanese cars

Whilst Germans are known for their engineering skills and attention to detail leading to perfection in any manufacturing sector the Japanese run a close second. This is born out by Honda which also has a deserved reputation for endurance making to position 4. 

The Kia from Korea is also gaining a good reputation with the UK fleet sector and manged to take position 10. Other manufactures to take note of in the reliability category include Nissan, Mini and Ford