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In practice any business that has two or more vehicles can apply for motor fleet insurance. Families with multiple cars can take advantage and apply for family fleet insurance. Below is a selection of fleet insurance options on offer.

  • HGV cover: We work in partnership with QuoteSearcher so you can compare quotes from multiple fleet insurance brokers making sure that you get a wider selection of cover options.
  • Van Fleet cover : Compare the cost to insure a small fleet of commercial vans,company cars, trucks, minibuses and many more vehicle categories including multi cover options. Select the get quotes button and receive quotes from specialist brokers. Read more about our multi van insurance and how it can lower your insurance costs.
  • Taxi fleet insurance : Taxi fleet insurance is a popular product and is essential for a growing taxi firm.  
  • Fleet breakdown cover :Find out more about fleet breakdown cover and how it can be used to provide breakdown cover to keep your fleet mobile.  
  • Courier Fleet insurance.
  • Family fleet insurance
  • Multi car insurance
  • Haulage Fleet insurance
  • Commercial fleet insurance

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