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Multi Car Insurance  -  Compare The Market

Multi car insurance enables you to insurance more than one car and should be considered for families with more than 1 automobile. Advantages do exists as the price of multiple car insurance should work out cheaper than insuring for example  2 vehicles under separate policies. In addition should you add a third or fourth vehicle they should be added at a discounted rate. 

However, it should be noted that in a few cases depending on your individual circumstances it may be cheaper to take out individual  insurance policies. 

One question we often get at fleet insurance is "Will multi car insurance is will it impact my individual no claims record if another driver on the policy has an accident?" The answer is no, as each owner driver should hold a separate no claims record and if one driver happens to have an accident it will only impact their no claims bonus record

Can I add another vehicle type to a multi car policy?

Most brokers will allow you to add other standard forms of transport such as vans, motorbikes or a motorhome for example. Are you looking for motor fleet insurance for 2,3,4,5 or more vehicles of any description?  We can help you by comparing policy packages from different brokers based on your level of cover requirements. 

How can you help me find a good deal?

How does it work? At Compare Fleet Insurance,  we streamline the process, all that is required is a few minutes of your time to complete a simple online form. After that we will circulate your requirements to over 40 car broker specialists, who in turn will send their best multi car insurance quotes direct to your inbox.  The next stage is comparing the offers and finding the one that matches your personal or business requirements.

Flexible Cover

'Named drivers, any driver, comprehensive or third party, fire and theft on different vehicles - the multi car insurance approach can be as flexible as your requirements dictate'

Who is eligible for multi car insurance?

This is a type of insurance that can be taken out by any household with more than one car, we have listed a few some typical cases below.

  • A couple that live together and have more than one car
  • A family with 2 or more cars, normally need not be resident at the same address
  • A couple that live apart, but have more than one car

Some brokers may insist that all drivers have the same address, others will accept drivers that are living away from home with a different address.

Impact on no claims discount (NCD)

A good policy should only penalise drivers that have been responsible for an accident. However, do check any proposed policy to ensure that is the case with regrd to the policy of interest.

Some advantages of multi car insurance 

  • In most cases it will works out cheaper than taking out individual policies.
  • All cars are Insured under one Policy.
  • Brokers in general will provide discounts if and when you add additional cars to your existing policy.
  • Complete simple online within minutes online.
  • Full range of cover available plus additional features ( Fully Comprehensive, Third party , Fire & Theft, Public Liability & Breakdown Cover).
  • Full online Documentation available Instantly on completion.
  • Some brokers will accept different addresses to accommodate family members living away from home.

Ways to save on your multi car insurance premium costs

  • Adjust the Excess Level :  Agreeing to increase the amount that you are liable for in the event of an accident should lead to reduced premiums.  
  • Get a Range of Quotes : At policy renewal time shop around and get quotes from a range of brokers and compare the deals currently on the marketplace.
  • Paying the for your multi car insurance in one lump sum will avoid additional interest and work out cheaper than paying monthly. The savings can be significant. 
  • Check Circle
    Check online driving forums for the latest news. Most brokers will offer incentives for new business as such when it comes renewal time don't just stick with your current provider
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