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Compare multi car insurance

Multi car insurance enables you to insure more than one car and should be considered for a business with more than 2 cars. The cost for multiple car insurance should work out cheaper than insuring 2 vehicles or more on separate policies. As an added bonus additional cars, vans or bikes can normally be added later, at a discounted rate. 

This type of policy simply lets you insure 2,3,4 or cars under one policy with the idea of making savings. The best way to find out if this is true is to use our service to get a range of quotes from a panel of top UK brokers, 

multi car insurance

Whilst these policies are convenient they do not come with a guarantee of being the cheapest option. It is always a good idea to compare all the available options and that includes taking out individual policies.

Can I add another vehicle type to this type of policy?

Most brokers will allow you to add other vehicles such as vans, motorbikes or a motorhome. In addition you can add any additional cars to your policy and most brokers  will reward this with a further discount.

Advantages of multi car insurance 

  • In most cases it will work out cheaper than taking out individual policies.
  • Complete a simple online form only.
  • Full online Documentation available instantly on completion.
  • Full range of cover available plus additional features ( Fully Comprehensive, Third party , Fire & Theft, Public Liability & Breakdown Cover).
  • All cars are insured under one policy.
  • Brokers in general will provide discounts if and when you add additional cars to your existing policy.

Manage costs 

All cars on a multi-car policy need not have the same start date, as one car policy ends it can be added to the multi policy. So rather than having one large lump sum payment, your policy payments will be spread out over the year.

Ways to save on your multi car insurance costs

Below we have highlighted some steps that can be taken to lower your insurance premiums

  • Adjust the Excess Level :  Agreeing to increase the amount that you are liable for in the event of an accident should lead to reduced premiums.  
  • Insurance Comparison : At policy renewal time shop around and get quotes from a range of brokers and make comparisons of what is on offer
  • Paying your insurance in one lump sum will avoid additional interest and work out cheaper than paying monthly. The savings can be significant. 
  • Check online driving forums for the latest news. Most brokers will offer incentives for new business. As such when it comes renewal time check what options are available with other brokers.

Multi car insurance can be tailored to your requirements

We understand that no standard policy will fit all. As such we can tailor the policy with any amendments or additions that you require. We make each policy individual to the end user, unlike some of our competitors. This way we have a loyal following of customers that come back year after year and spread the word to friends and family members.

Is a monthly payment option available with multi-car insurance

Most brokers will give you the option to pay for your nsurance as one lump sum or spread it over the year, with agreed payment points. The most popular way to pay for this type of insurance is by monthly installments. 

Policy documents stored online

In addition to emailing you your policy documents most brokers will also store them online. Online is great, but do make a hard copy to keep in your vehicle as the internet is not always available or signals can be too weak. These important documents will be instantly available on policy confirmation.

Compare the market when looking for the best multi-car insurance deal 

We aim to make it easier for you to see what multi car insurance options are currently available. We do this by collating responses from a wide range of insurance brokers that can provide you with cheap multi car insurance. We only work with reputable names in the brokerage industry. This translates to a better service in processing any claims that may arise during the lifetime of the policy.


Can I add named drivers to a multi car insurance policy? ?

Yes, like car insurance you can contact your broker to add or change named drivers. Take note, only named drivers for one vehicle can not automatically drive other vehicles on the policy.

can you have multi car insurance at different addresses

Most brokers will only offer multi-car cover for vehicles located at the same address. Some brokers may offer cover from different addresses, for example a child at university.

Is multi car insurance cheaper than a standard policy?

Multi-car insurance policies are  designed to be cheaper than taking out separate policies. However, one of the factors that determines your insurance premium is the car category. As such adding a luxury / ultra expensive car will have a big impact on the premium and may make it cheaper to insure your cars separately.

how many cars can you have on multi car insurance

Minimum of 2 vehicles, with no limit to the number of additions cars that you can add.

Will it affect my no claims (NCB) if someone else makes a claim with a multi car policy?

It will only affect the driver that is responsible and who makes the claim. However, if it is a named driver that you have added to your policy, then it could impact your personal NCB. Can my individual claims history be negatively affected if another policy member has an accident? With this type of policy each owner driver should hold a separate no claims record. As such if one driver happens to have an accident it will only impact their no claims bonus record. Please check your policy details as this should be made clear. A good policy should only penalise drivers that have been responsible for an accident. However, do check any proposed policy to ensure that is the case.

Can I also insure my work vehicle on a multicar insurance policy?

This will depend on your broker. To be considered you will need to be the registered keeper of the vehicle and must be kept at the same address as your multi car residence address.

Compare multiple car Insurance