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Need to compare the cost of taxi fleet insurance?  We can provide multiple quotes from 20 plus UK brokers that deal exclusively in providing insurance policies for vehicles that are used for hire and reward. Private hire fleet can be for any fleet size ranging  2,3,4,5 upwards. Getting a good deal on fleet cover will help reduce your running costs enabling you to invest more in other, for example marketing. 

Flexible payment options available

In addition to having your taxi fleet insurance policy tailored to your exact business requirements,  brokers can normally provide you with  a choice of easy pay options.

  • one off annual payment
  • Regular monthly debit payments
  • Quarterly payment option
  • Biannual bank transfers

How to reduce the costs of taxi fleet running costs insurance

Providing insurance coverage for a large or small fleet of taxis is expensive and looking at approaches to reducing costs is natural especially if you are the fleet manager working within a tight budget. The good news is that hire for reward premium insurance costs can be reduced by taking some or all of the following steps

  • Any fleet that is serviced on a regular basis and maintained to a high standard will spend less time off the road from breakdowns or road accidents which would be caused by lack of regular servicing 
  • Choosing a fleet vehicle category that is both cheap to buy and cheap to repair, will not only reduce your running costs, but will have the added bonus of attracting a lower premium that choosing more expensive vehicles would attract. 
  • Introduce limiters, this technology has been around for a long time and involves adding a  governor to limit the top speed. This has many obvious advantages, however it is not widely used within the taxi industry. Rejection by the taxi drivers is normally cited as the reason for the low uptake.   
  • Driver training should be ongoing. Well trained drivers are more confident and knowledgeable and are less likely to be involved in driving accidents.  Training will ensure they understand the important of daily safety checks and other measures to reduce risk. They can also carry out daily safety checks at the start of their shift.
  • Select only drivers with a clean record and over 25. These two factors will help in reducing your annual or monthly policy costs. Incidentally annual payments should  also reduce the cost of your premium. For more details on hire for reward and private hire best practice please read this governmental document 

Benefits of taking taxi fleet insurance

  • Many taxis have more than one hire for reward vehicle, multi cover eases the paperwork and headache of ensuring separately, saving admin time to get on with running the firm's business. 
  • You only deal with one underwriter enabling a good relationship to grow over time. 
  • These types of policies are renowned for their flexibility thus you can tailor the package for your firm's particular cover requirements for example including an option such as fleet breakdown. Before adding in these extras do check if  it would be more cost effective to contract the service out to a specialist, for example the local breakdown recovery company. 
  • Fleet cover should work out cheaper than insuring your fleet under individual policies and it obviously makes the management and accounting  much easier. 
  • Dealing exclusively with an industry specialist in this niche market will ensure you will be getting specialist advice and guidance from the underwriters of your policy.

Taxi insurance documents available online

The process is both easy and fast, the form just requires minimal detail necessary to provide you multiple quotes. After you fine a policy provider that like the next step is to make payment. Upon payment completion all documents will be emailed direct to you plus be available online. You may also save these in your favorite online storage provider example drop box. 

Taxi insurance is a legal requirement

In UK, hire for reward autos are crucial to public mobility. This is especially true in cities and towns with large populations, such as London, Manchester, Chelsea, Liverpool and others. Taxi drivers like all drivers need to be vigilant when on these busy road. The drivers have to be aware of other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to prevent road accidents. However, no matter how careful a minicab driver may be on the road, there is no way to tell when an accident will occur. 

Sometimes, your employee may be driving safely, following all traffic rules but it is difficult to fully account and compensate for the actions of other drivers. Most accidents in UK happen due to over speeding, flouting of traffic rules and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.