Multi Van Fleet Insurance - Multiple Quotes

The best way to compare the cost of multi van insurance is to get multiple quotes from a selection of brokers. By clicking the blue button below you will and get quotes. A select panel of UK specialist fleet van insurance brokers will provide you with these quotes.

  • Multi van insurance is available to purchase at three levels. If you only need the bare minimum cover for a fleet of vans, you should purchase “third party only” protection. This policy will cover you against claims by third parties only. Damages or losses to your vehicles or drivers are not provided for under this cover.
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    You can also go for “third party fire and theft” cover. Like the name suggests, the cover offers protection for losses that you may incur when your minivan is stolen or damaged in a fire. This is a mid-range cover and costs more than the “third party only” option.
  • The most expensive multi van insurance that you may purchase is fully comprehensive. This cover offers protection for the liabilities mentioned above. Apart from this the cover allows you to claim for any injuries sustained or damages to your property. Normally this cover will come with a larger excess than both the “third party” and “third party fire and theft” packages. If you offer to increase the excess the insurer will normally agree to a lower premium. 

Fleet van insurance options

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