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Multi Van Fleet Insurance - One Easy Form

Multiple Quotes for 2,3,4 or more vans

Need cheap multi van fleet insurance for your business fleet? Covering more than one van can be expensive and it normally pays to compare what is available , but by comparing multiple quotes from top UK brokers can lead to a substantial reduction in your annual or monthly premiums. Start today by getting multiple quotes by simply selecting the Multi Quote options complete an online form. Within minutes you will receive the best quotes from over 20 UK specialist brokers including reputable names such as Zurich and Allianz.

Compare Fleet Insurance are able to provide you with multiple online quotes from reputable UK specialist brokers. We understand that as an operator of multiple vehicles, priority is to keep the vehicles on the road and that's why  we only  work with insurers that will provide you with an efficient claims service.

2 Standard types of van insurance exist

Two main types of multi van insurance are available. The first is for social, domestic or personal use. The second is if for business use. Some examples of business include tradesmen, delivery operators, or couriers. 

Can drivers impact my multi van insurance fleet costs?

It is not only the young or under 25 drivers that will inflate your multi van insurance premium. Drivers that have a poor history of driving including driving related convictions can adversly impact your insurance premium.

If possible use this knowledge to your advantage and employ only drivers that have a clean licence and a good history of no claims. 

Fleet selection can bring down the cost of multi van insurance

Underwriters group vans into categories based on their exposure to risk in terms of you making a claim and the size of the claim. This is based on statistical information of the replacement, repair and parts costs

Use this to your advantage and select vans from categories that fall into the lower categories. The categories range from 1 to 20 , 1 being the least expensive to insure.

How many vans do I need to apply for multi van fleet insurance?

If your minivan fleet is small  numbering 2,3, 4, or 5 you can can take out a small fleet policy, for larger vehicle numbers 5 and over the standard fleet insurance will provide coverage.  Many advantages exist, not least reduced costs coupled with only one renewal date making both administration and budget planning easier.  

It is in general true that paying for your multi van insurance upfront in one installment will reduce your costs. Conversely cash flow always plays a factor in small and large haulage businesses and this is understood by the panel of UK underwriters resulting in a flexible payment regime allowing you to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. 

Flexible Payment Options on multi van insurance

We have a small number of work vans that we used to cover on separate insurance policies as we bought them at different times - we have now combined them all into one van fleet insurance policy and it has saved us both time and money'

Multi Van Cover

If your business has a number of vans, you are likely to have invested for months or years to expand your work fleet. Most businesses start with one vehicle, later as the business expands and other vehicles are added most likely under a separate policy taken out from the same underwriter. This is natural as you most likely have insured it at a different time from the renewal date of the first minivan. If this cycle continues you may have 2, 3 , 4 or more vans all with different policy renewal dates. Keeping up to date on the renewal dates and other aspects of the policies for the individual vehicles can be time consuming. To make things more manageable consider changing to a multi van fleet insurance policy. Paying your multi van insurance policy annually should work out cheaper than paying monthly and also reduce your admin costs.

Fleet van insurance options

https://www.comparefleetinsurance.co.uk/multi-car-quote/ Like in the case with multi car insurance, there are different levels of cover that you can purchase. If you only need the bare minimum cover for a fleet of vans, you should purchase “third party” protection. This policy will cover you against claims by third parties only. Damages or losses to your vehicles or drivers are not provided for under this cover.

Third Party Fire and Theft

You can also go for “third party fire and theft” cover. Like the name suggests, the cover offers protection for losses that you may incur when your minivan is stolen or damaged in a fire. This is a mid-range cover and costs more than the “third party only” option.


The most expensive multi van insurance that you may purchase is “fully comprehensive”. This cover offers protection for the liabilities mentioned above. Apart from this the cover allows you to claim for any injuries sustained or damages to your property. Normally this cover will come with a larger excess than both the “third party” and “third party fire and theft” packages. If you offer to increase the excess the insurer will normally agree to a lower premium. 

Optional features and benefits

  • Windscreen damage provides cover for replacement and repa​ir, an excess may apply
  • European cover, normally limited to 90 days in one year.  
  • Courtesy replacement van or vans
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What details are needed to get an online quote

Having answered the initial question regarding business or personal use you will also need to provide the following information to receive multi van insurance quotes.

Business Use

  • If business type selected simply select the business type from a drop down menu, if you can not find select other.
  • Trading name
  • Name and contact details.

Personal Use

  • Vehicle registration.
  • Name and contact details.
  • Insurance start date.

How to lower the costs of multiple van fleet insurance

Many factors go into deciding the premium that you will pay. Some of these such as post code are out of your control. However action can be taken to reduce the costs of insurnce, some that we have previously mentioned and some new ones that we have listed below.

  • Are your drivers over 25 with a good no claims history? If the answer is yes this will also be rewarded by way of slightly reduced costs.
  • Driver metrics measured by a so called black box device can be used to both improve your drivers, but also to show to the broker that you pose less of a risk as a result. 
  • Can you get by with named drivers only as opposed to any driver ?
  • Do not include policy items that you do not need.
  • Can you improve on security, secure overnight parking? Fitting an industry approved tracking device? These will also help lower your final quote.
  • Being responsible for a higher excess amount enables the broker to lower their monetary risk and if negotiated correctly will lead to discount on your normal premium costs.