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Multi vehicle Insurance

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Commercial Multi Vehicle Insurance

The easiest way to reduce costs is to open a multi vehicle insurance policy for a residence where more than one vehicle is registered to the household.  This type of policy can be for 2 vehicles all the way up to a 10 vehicle in a single policy.

The reason why commercial multi vehicle insurance policy is less expensive is the insurance company will give a discount for each additional vehicle they cover at any given residence. It is basically like buying in bulk, the more vehicles you cover, the cheaper it is.

How are the policies issued?

With a multiple vehicle blanket over a business, each vehicle that is covered will have its own policy. Each policy will be issued with the premium based upon many different factors.

  • The driving record of the owner of the vehicle.
  • The number of claims each owner has is kept separate.
  • Additional discounts like the no claim discounts are separate so if a claim is made on one policy, the other policies are not affected.
  • Excesses or financial limits for each policy are separate and can be at different levels.
  • When adding a new vehicle under the multi vehicle policy, the renewal date can be changed so they all are the same to help the customer with their accounting.
  • Because each policy is different, one can be for third party only and another can be comprehensive.

Does everyone have to live at the residence?

No a multi vehicle policy is most effective in covering a family that can, but does not have to live together under one roof. This makes it possible to cover the vehicles of students when they are attending university, a person who needs to move away for employment or for any other reason and they live at a separate residence.

While family members do not have to live at the primary residence, anyone living there can be covered in this type of insurance policy. This includes friends, staff and domestic partners.

How many people can be covered per vehicle?

In all motor insurance policies there is a primary operator of the vehicle. Most policies will have a secondary driver of vehicle. When a person is listed in the policy they will also be covered. While each insurance company is different on average if 6 cars are covered, up to 12 drivers can be listed.

What type of vehicles can be covered?

For the most part any type of vehicle can be covered. This can include the daily commuter vehicle, a sports car, a classic antique, motorcycles, scooter and even a commercial vehicle such as a work van. This is possible because the multi vehicle insurance policy is the blanket coverage with each vehicle covered under its own individual policy.

Find out if multi vehicle insurance fits with your needs

With a multi vehicle insurance policy for a business, the overall costs of the premiums are discounted to help reduce the costs. Nearly any type of vehicle can be covered and the renewal dates of the policies can be on the same date or different depending on how the family wants to schedule it.

For more information please contact one of our friendly insurance brokers who can answer any question you might have. They can also find the right policy for the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

How to get Quotes

Getting quotes from a select panel of  fleet insurance brokers is easy with us.  In comparison to phoning for quotes we provide you with an online form. You complete the form telling us your basic  insurance requirements. Based on your requirements we will then provide you with multiple quotes from a panel of select UK brokerages.

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