Plans to protect road users released by UK Department for Transport

Fleet insurance experience why it is important

The department for transport in the UK has released new measures on how they plan to further protect vulnerable road users. A total of 50 new and updated measures are aimed at protecting the most vulnerable. The most vulnerable road users include cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.

The actions are aimed squarely at reduced the number of fatal accidents that involve cyclists and pedestrians.  in 2017 figures show that 100 cyclist and 470 lost their lives on the UK roads.

What are these new measures ?

The full details have not yet been releases, but we do know that they will iclude the following:

Dutch Reach

This requires that car occupants open the car door using the hand furthest away from the door handle. This will better ensure that doors are only opened after checking for oncoming traffic.

Cycle awareness courses

The costs of  future fleet or multi car insurance may be reduced by putting your drivers thru a course aimed at improving awareness of cyclists and pedestrians.

Dedicated Police unit

This has actually been deployed with some success in Wales. The approach is to analyse video footage to identify and take action against blatant dangerous driving.

This an area that machine learning could be used to  teach an AI to learn what is dangerous driving by analysing reams of video footage that is now available. The

AI can then do the legwork leading to many more convictions for dangerous driving and safer roads in general.  When this happens roads will be  safer and costs for personal and business fleet cover will come down as accidents from dangerous driving are greatly reduced.

More Money for local councils

The Dft  have also proposed setting aside more funding for local councils to be sued to make  walking and cycling safer.

Not everyone happy enough is been done

Paul Tuohy, chief executive of Cycling UK says, “ignoring the threat and dangers of speeding is disappointing."

Will AI also be the answer to speeding? I think yes, what do you think? Start the debate below.