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Small Fleet Insurance

Protect your small fleet today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

  • Multiple small business fleet quotes
  • Compare insurance policies
  • UK and European Insurance Cover
  • Fleet insurance for new business
  • Complete one quick and easy form
  • Any size fleet (2 to 500 plus vehicles).

What is small fleet insurance?

Small fleet insurance is targeted at the smaller fleet, typically associated with a small or growing business with 2,3,4 or 5 cars and growing. The big plus of this type of cover is it gives you flexibility to add new vehicles to the fleet as and when needed. These new additions will normally attract a discount. Mini fleet insurance should provide you with both monetary and time savings over the traditional single policy route. When doing your legwork always get quotes for both small fleet cover and individual cover.

  • Save Money : Taking out group insurance to cover cars and other items like household insurance should save you money overall.
  • Save Time : Now that you have  combined insurance policies you will find it easier to manage and budget your payments.  
  • Small Business Solution : For small or  growing businesses with 2 or more vehicles.

At Compare Fleet Insurance we understand that a multitude of  small fleet variations exist and that  fleet insurance does not always mean covering one vehicle type and it is more common to have a variety of vehicle categories, for example vans, trucks, cars and even courier bikes. We offer  a wide range of fleet insurance products from courier fleet insurance to taxi fleet insurance, but we also offer practical family or mini fleet insurance for small business or smll family.

Available mini fleet insurance options

Vehicle insurance is not only a legal requirement it is also your social responsibility to ensure that should an accident occur any damage to the third party (person and property) is covered. All your business vehicles should have adequate cover when on the road as prescribed by law. Having the right level of cover will not only protect you, but also your drivers. Like normal car insurance you can choose the type of insurance package from the list below. If you wish  you can also select add additional cover or extras based upon your individual needs.

small fleet insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance also referred to as fully comp provides the highest level of cover, giving protection to not only the third party, but importantly to your vehicle and property.
  • Third party with fire and theft. If the accident is deemed to be your fault this will cover the third party. Your vehicle will not be covered, your cover will be for fire and theft only in this situation. 
  • Third party only the legal minimum to dive on the UK roads.

In general mini fleet insurance will provide cover for 2 to 5 vehicles, these vehicles may be of varying types. This type of cover is attractive to a wide range of commercial businesses, for example catering vans, construction vans, courier services or undertaker vehicles. Why? Apart from in general leading to reduced premiums it is also easier to manage and budget for. 

Mini fleet optional features and extras

Each mini fleet insurance policy offered will most likely have different optional items included or excluded. A few of the more common ones are listed below. Be aware that these are not normally included for free. As such if you do not need a particular type of cover, for example breakdown protection then do not include this in your policy.   

  • Cover for driving in Europe, normally capped at 90 days in one year sometimes included in the standard policy
  • Optional : Employer's liability insurance
  • Optional : Any fleet fleet insurance is available, but better to keep to named drivers if possible.

How do I get multiple small fleet insurance quotes?

Are you looking to compare small fleet insurance policy premiums for your mini business fleet with multiple UK underwriters quickly? By completing a quick online form we can distribute your insurance requirements to multiple UK brokers that deal exclusively with small fleets. Comparing costs will help you sift through the many choices on offer. 

Small fleet insurance products are designed with the fleet manager in mind and should help your business reduce costs, save time and minimise administrative workload. Take the leap and take advantage of the product that will provide your business with the flexibility to insure all your vehicles under one policy that is bespoke to your business requirements.

In order to make the best use of this service please ensure that you supply a valid email address and telephone number. Brokers will respond either via email or phone depending on your preferred method. Response time can vary depending upon time of day and how busy the brokers are so do be patient and respond quickly to calls or emails from our brokers.

Small Fleet Insurance