April 1, 2018

How can Telemetrics reduce fleet costs

Need to save on fleet insurance? Start by adding a small device is added to your vehicle, that will record data on the driver. Typical things recorded include:

  • check
    Rate of acceleration and deceleration (braking)
  • check
    Driving speed
  • check
    How often the driver brakes
  • check
    Steering data, example sharp cornering

All our intelligence suggests that monitoring by telematics is increasingly accepted . . . as a fact of life and the benefits more fully understood,

Ralph Morton, editorial director of Business Car Manager

This information can also be used to plan quicker routes this coupled with safer slow driving will also reduce fleet fuel costs, which by itself is a significant running cost.

This type of data enables the fleet manager to identify areas in which driving can be improved and enacting that by provision of additional training. To help get your drivers on board involve them, for example awarding prizes for best drivers, or create driving teams that compete against each other. In some cases this approach has made a significant reduction in claims. This not only reduces your company insurance costs, but also will decrease the time vehicles are off the road for accident repair. 

How can telematics reduce your fleet polciy premiums

Being able to substantially  reduce the number of claims made against you fleet insurance policy puts you in a strong position at renewal time. This position can be used as leverage to negotiate a reduction in your fleet costs. Why? Your insurance premium cost is partly based on the number of claims that you make. 


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