January 22, 2019
best multi car insurance companies

Top 5 Multicar Insurance Companies

The  5 best multicar insurance companies In the UK is subjective to interpretation depending on the types of vehicles you need insurance coverage for, the reason they will be on the road and the distances they will travel on a regular basis. Check out the top 5 and how you can take advantage of fleet insurance in 2019

RAC Insurance

RAC Insurance is one of the oldest and was one of the first insurance companies to cover motor vehicles back in 1897. Their home base is located in Birmingham, but have three separate bases strategically located in different part of the country for faster service to help repair broken down vehicles.

Reasons to use RAC for your multicar insurance include;

  • 10% discount on coverage for up to 4 different vehicles
  • They have more than 1500 repair vehicle patrols that assisted 2.3 million drivers in 2016 alone
  • RAC Insurance Plus policies are rated 5 stars from defaqto
  • Separate no claims discounts for each vehicle

AVIVA Insurance

AVIVA makes the claim of being the largest insurance company in the UK with 15 million policy holders. They have been insuring families and businesses in the UK since 1696. Their home base is located in London, but they have multiple offices in the UK.

  • Up to a 20%% discount, but optional extras on the policies are not included in the discount
  • Up to 5 vehicles can be covered
  • AVIVA dash cam and app free and can lead to a 28% discount on the premium

Directline Insurance

Directline Insurance has been in business since 1985. They are based out of Croydon and accept both phone calls and online business transactions. The discount amount is disclosed at the time a quote is issued.

Reasons to use Directline for your multicar insurance include;

  • 4 vehicles can be covered when applying online
  • 10 different vehicles can be covered when applying over the phone
  • This company is rated 5 stars from defaqto

esure Insurance

https://www.comparefleetinsurance.co.ukensure Insurance opened their doors back in 2000. Their main office is in Wallington, Surrey, but has multiple offices covering the UK. They handle both phone calls and online business transactions and deal in small and mini fleet insurance.

Reasons to use esure for your multicar insurance include;

  • 10% discount on coverage for 2 or more different vehicles
  • They have a 5 star rating from defaqto
  • Each policy has a separate no claims discounts

Churchill Insurance

Churchill Insurance began issuing insurance policies back in 1990 and was purchased in whole by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2003 to be their the insurance arm of the corporation.

Reasons to use Churchill for your multicar insurance include;

  • You can cover up to 10 vehicles from your household
  • Discount percentage given in quote
  • The no claim discount is separate for each policy

The above are examples of the top 5 multicar insurance companies in the UK. For assistance with this type of vehicle insurance policy, our friendly fleet insurance brokers are ready and standing by to help you. Remember once you find a cheap policy keep it cheap by finding put how not to increase your costs. 

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