What is Fleet Planning ?

For many managers in the UK knowing just what is fleet planning is required so they can handle the logistics involved with properly deploying and using the numerous vehicles used by their organization.  Part of this is how and who to use as the drivers so the tasks can be completed in the most efficient manner. This, along with making sure you have adequate fleet insurance protection are crucial in fleet planning.

What size of fleet should I deploy?

Each business has different goals and level of services they choose to offer their clients. The best number of vehicles will be on average 10% above what is used on an average day. This makes it possible to cover the variables that are inherent to the business which can include;

  • Vehicles down due to maintenance, repairs or an accident
  • When there is a surge in orders that increases the number of delivers on any given day

By having just above the number of vehicles used by the company the costs are higher, but the risk is lower to the business. The decision really depends on your business model how you value customer service and for a taxi fleet it would not make sense having taxis idle just in case they may be needed.

Risk vs Costs

As a fleet manager the risk versus the cost have to be considered. The higher the risk the lower the costs and the higher the cost the lower the risks, but the path decided on can always be manipulated. The areas where a decision has to be made will include:

  • Maintenance of the vehicles
  • Number of vehicles in the fleet
  • Amount of insurance coverage on the vehicles
  • Area to be covered by the vehicles in their travels

What kind of drivers should be employed?

This is the easiest of decisions to make. To keep the cost of insurance and repair cost down the drivers should have the following qualifications;

  • Over the age of 25
  • Clean driving record
  • No criminal record
  • Stable employment history
  • Have the proper drivers license for the vehicles in the fleet

How will communication to the fleet be handled?

Communication to the drivers at the depot and who are already deployed must be made in an efficient manner. The way communications is conducted will in part be determined by the budget for it. Using a cloud based app may be the best approach, providers such as TomTom may already have a solution waiting for you. A less expensive and less tech way would be with cell phones and the least expensive is CB type radios.

Where will the vehicles be located when they are not in use?

The storage of the vehicles is generally done one of two ways or a combination of both. An enclosed garage helps to reduce insurance costs, but has the highest initial costs. This is also the most secure.

An outdoor parking lot is the lowest cost initially to use, but the vehicles are then exposed to the elements and are less secure so insuring the vehicles will be more.

To help fleet managers make the most cost effective decisions when it comes to their fleet and the options they have available to them our knowledgeable insurance brokers who are ready to assist them in making the best decisions to help keep their fleet insurance premiums as low as possible.