September 23, 2017
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What is Multi-Car Insurance?

what is multi car insurance? This type of cover is primarly for families that have more than one car in their household. If you fall into this category as do many familes in the UK then you have probably at one time or another considered looking into getting multi-car insurance.

A policy of this type can usually cover up to five cars and will offer the same benefits as do regular insurance policies. In addition, insurers will give you discount because you are insuring more than one car with them.

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Statistics issued by the UK government show that one in three families now own more than just one car. The cost of insurance is on the rise, so it is a good idea to shop around and consider option such as a multi car policy. 

Nowadays, with high house and rent prices, many older children will opt to stay at home for just a bit longer. It’s not unusual to have three or four cars on the drive. A household of flat-sharing young professionals could easily have five cars registered to them.

Insurance companies claim that families that have more than one vehicle routinely save more than twenty per cent on their insurance premiums. Do take note that this is a claim and it may not always be the cheaest option. 

How does Multi-car Insurance actually work?

An insurance company will offer a group of people who reside at the same address an umbrella policy which they can all benefit from and insure their vehicles under. The really great thing about this in addition to the discount is the fact that there’s just one single renewal date for the policy each year, plus only one set of paperwork

Even if the insured vehicles have different named and main drivers, the policy still works, providing they are all registered at the same address. That said, let it be known that a household that has just two cars and as many drivers will most likely see the same savings.

The vehicles that are covered on a Multi-car policy must be for private use only. The drivers that are covered on the policy can drive all the cars insured, providing that there are indeed registered as named drivers of said vehicles.

Not all providers of multi car insurance are on Comparison sites

Whilst it is advised to to get multi car insurance quotes from a few comparative sites. It should be noted that some brokers do not offer their products to comparative sites. For these  you must go direct to their website to get your quote. This can be done after you have used sites like this to compare what is on offer with other key UK providers of multi car insurance

Tesco Multi Car Insurance

Tesco is constanly expanded into other countries and now banking and insurance. So far they have been receiving good reviews and their insurance products are proving to be popul with the UK public.  The Tesco car insurance product can be tailored to your family needs.

Tesco Multi Car Insurance Benefits

  • Club members that purchase car insurance online with TESCO will receive  a discount.
  • Discounts are also available if you use the Tesco drive and reward app.
  • No claims are rewarded with  a discount

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